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Science & Origin of Cryolite

Cryolite is a rare and now extinct sodium aluminum fluoride mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses and sometimes small cubic crystals that can appear transparent. This mineral can only be seen as colorless or egg-shell white. Multiple different minerals can grow within or off of Cryolite, sometimes making it an entirely different color. Some of these mineral varieties and their colors are Sphalerite(red/brown), Pyrite (metallic/gold), Chalcopyrite (purple/blue/pink), and Galena (metallic/silver). This mineral was first reported back in 1798 by Peder Christian Abildgaard, a Dutch physician and veterinarian. The exact piece he examined was from the famed Cryolite deposit in Ivigtut, Greenland, near the Arsuk Fjord. He chose to name this new mineral Cryolite after the Greek words “cryos” meaning “ice” and “lithos” meaning “stone”. This was in reference to the snow-like appearance this mineral has when looking at it. Cryolite has been found a few other times other than it’s original Greenland locality. A few states within the United States have found very small deposits, as well as Russia, Norway, Brazil, and the Czech Republic.

Mined to Extinction

The original deposit in Ivigtut, Greenland was declared “commercially mined to extinction” in 1987. This deposit was the world's first and only Cryolite locality for over 150 years. Official mining operations started around 1799 by British engineer J.W. Taylor, but much of his original attention went to the surrounding silver and lead veins instead. As these mineral quantities slowly diminished, more attention was put on the high aluminum content within Cryolite. This mineral’s extraction rapidly sped up and in 1864 was granted exclusive mining rights to one single company. Operations ensued at a normal pace until 1884 when the Hall-Heroult smelting process was invented. This specific smelting process was used to increase the speed and efficiency of extracting near pure aluminum from rough ore. Cryolite is essential for this process because of its ability to melt at 1,012 degrees Celsius. Aluminum oxide minerals (also known as alumina) are dissolved in this molten Cryolite liquid, which in return helps lower the 2,072 degree Celsius melting point of all alumina. This process was used throughout World War II, thus resulting in enormous amounts of Cryolite being extracted from Ivigtut. This single factor alone was one of the main reasons for the United States presence in Greenland during this time. After the war, the mining rights were once again sold to another Danish company, only this time it's occupation would help the entire country. The last remnants of Cryolite eventually went on to help fund and establish what we now know today as, Air Greenland. Cryolite has since been able to be synthetically created and the need for this natural mineral no longer serves the industrial community.


Meaning & Energy

Cryolite is a very intuitive stone that resonates with all chakras, especially the third eye. One's inner vision will become activated with unique psychic abilities soon to follow. Aside from passively maintaining an enhanced mental state, one may also experience prophetic visions, contact with spirit guides, lucid dreaming, astral projection, deja vu and ESP. These are all signs of the potent energy of Cryolite being imbued within your spirit. As one becomes more in touch with themselves, this mineral helps create a clear channel with your higher being. This is the purest form of yourself that houses one’s entire light body. This higher spirit is the embodiment of truth, love, and passion. As one begins to connect and better understand the messages coming from their guide, they can directly apply it to their life. To work on this vision and fully understand the imagery we see, try meditating with your Cryolite piece placed on your forehead. The potent vibrations that project from this stone will soon seep directly into one’s pineal gland, activating it in mere minutes (very few high vibration stones that we’ve ever worked with have the power to do such a thing in little to no time). The tingling and pulsations one will feel on their forehead may be too powerful for strangers at first. You must learn to attune your energy to it and begin by carrying it with you each and every day. Allow this stone to passively raise your overall vibration, while giving yourself time to become accustomed to it. Once ready, begin to start adding Cryolite into your deep meditation routine and watch this magical mineral come to life.

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