Science & Origin of Datolite

Datolite is a low-temperature hydrothermal calcium boron hydroxide nesosilicate mineral. It crystallizes in the form of mainly masses and grains, but can also be seen in globular and botryoidal form. When this mineral is found to be botryoidal, it's commonly referred to as Botryolite. Rarely does Datolite form actual crystals, but when it does, they are generally seen as small prismatic shards. Datolite can be seen in a variety of different colors and can sometimes take on the color of other minerals which form around it (Prehnite , Calcite, Quartz, Copper , Danburite, Epidote). Most often you’ll find Datolite to be colorless, light yellow or green, but can also be white, red, pink, purple, and blue. The first discovery of this mineral took place back in 1806 in Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway. J. Esmark is credited with this discovery and chose to name it after the Greek words meaning “divide” and “stone”. This was referring to the body of this first specimen, which exhibited massive granular structures. Datolite has localities all over the world, with many deposits formed alongside veins of other massive minerals. One example is the great Copper mines of Lake Superior, Michigan. There is still an astronomical amount of Datolite (in massive form) in this region, even though the Copper has been steadily mined for 7000 years (starting with the earliest of Native Americans in 5000 B.C.) Other notable Datolite localities are Charcas, Mexico; Schwarzwald, Germany; Ontario, Canada; Norway, and Russia.


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Meaning & Energy

Datolite helps one find the light within them and connects their consciousness to higher energies. One’s third eye and crown chakras will become activated, helping you to see and understand the endless realities amongst us. This “infinite” universe allows one to recognize the power they hold within this physical realm, as well as being able to conjure opportunities that one ever so desires. Look to Datolite’s ability to open portals of knowledge between our realm and the angels watching over us. Our individual spirit guides, as well as Earth’s etheric guardians, are constantly providing messages for us to understand the reality in which we’re living in. Take for example the synchronicities one constantly experiences or the deja vu moments where one feels like a specific moment has “already occurred”. The true psychic abilities our consciousness offers our mind are finally realized when working with Datolite. The channeling ability of your own “super” powers will slowly begin to unlock as you continue to attune to this stone’s powers. Place your piece of Datolite directly over your third eye and work towards clearing your entire mind. Slow your thoughts and begin to take long, deep breaths. As the energies of this stone begin to imbue your entire aura, a pulsating sensation should be felt within your third eye. Our soul slowly begins to ascend and harmonize on a level where one can have access to their higher self,thus releasing light and love.

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