Blue Halite

Blue Halite

Science & Origin of Blue Halite

Blue Halite, also known as blue rock salt, is an extremely rare variety of crystallized sodium chloride. It usually occurs in a cubic form but has also been found as masses, grains, and tiny shards. The galactic color spectrum Blue Halite offers is due to minor impurities of potassium within the salt’s chemical composition. The largest deposit of Blue Halite is located in Saskatchewan, Canada, formed during the evaporation of a large ocean that existed around 400 million years ago. Other important localities include deposits in the southern United States, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, Iran, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Part of the reason why Blue Halite is hard to come by is due to the matrix in which it forms on. The material is almost always a mineral known as Sylvite, a potassium chloride rock that occurs in dry, evaporite (crystallization through evaporation) areas deep underground. Sylvite’s primary use is as the main ingredient in fertilizers used throughout the world. When extracting this mineral from Earth, countless Blue Halite crystals are found and sadly abandoned or dissolved. All Halites are water-soluble and are usually disintegrated by the time they reach the surface.

Blue Halite

Meaning & Energy

Blue Halite emits energies capable of unlocking your third eye chakra. The vibrations imbue the mind and will give you a better understanding of your place in this vast universe. The questions you’ve searched far and beyond for can be answered through deep meditation. During this experience, one may go through a trans-dimensional occurrence; a moment when your soul elevates to higher planes of reality. Also known as astral projection, one is able to traverse through time and space to reveal higher forms of knowledge. This information may be given through symbolic imagery, past-life recall, angelic communication, and eventual access to The Akashic Records (a realm containing knowledge of every aspect of the universe; past, present, and future).

To achieve any of this, one must truly be aligned with their higher self while pushing their spiritual limitations simultaneously. Over time, your pineal gland will begin to decalcify and allow your inner vision to come to life. Meditate, spread positivity, love yourself in addition to the beings around you. By following these small steps can gravitate you towards true ascension of the soul.

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