Science Origin of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is an aluminum beryllium oxide and a variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. It crystallizes in the form of hexagonal-twinning crystals, small prismatic shards, and tiny gemmy inclusions within a larger matrix. This crystal has been identified as one of the rarest gems on Earth, as well as one of the hardest on the Mohs scale, 8.5 (second to only Diamond Corundum ). Alexandrite was originally found deep within Emerald mines in the Ural Mountains during the early 1830’s. The identity of this mineral was at first thought to be an Emerald of some sort, but was quickly determined to be an entirely new mineralogical species. The official recording of this discovery took place in 1834, when Swedish mineralogist Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld chose the name “Alexandrite”, after the soon to be leader of Russia, Czar Alexander II. Since its initial discovery in Russia, Alexandrite has been scarcely found in Brazil, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, India, and Sri Lanka.

Alexandrite’s formation took place when high amounts of beryllium and aluminum combined with small traces of chromium, titanium, and iron. This occurred during the cooling of hot magma, when water containing these elements evaporated into steam and became trapped within a solid rock. Together, the minerals began to chemically react as they cooled and formed what we now know as Alexandrite. The likelihood of all these elements being next to one another, and cooling correctly as well, is the main reason why this crystal is so rare and hard to find.

The fame and notoriety Alexandrite receives is also derived from its extremely unique ability to change colors between natural and artificial light. When exposed to daylight, Alexandrite gives off a green appearance that nearly looks like an E.T. mineral (extraterrestrial rock not from Earth). When placed under a lamp or near candlelite, true Alexandrite will appear as a light reddish to dark purple. This marvelous effect is better described as “Emerald by day, Ruby by night”.


Meaning Energy

Alexandrite is a talisman that awakens the soul and invokes a spiritual transformation within the practitioner. What was once a priority in your daily life may soon feel as though it was merely an illusion. Overtime, you will become more in touch with yourself and may even begin to shed things or people you once believed you “loved”. This warped ideology is visualized by your newly enhanced reality, in which you will slowly begin to understand through personal experiences. Alexandrite assists one in realigning the mind with the body, revealing your true sense of purpose here on Earth.

Alexandrite has a divine connection with the heavens and aids one in attuning their spiritual body to high vibrational dimensions. This stone helps bridge the gap between physical and etheric planes, connecting you with your own source of light. This will not be the first time you’ve met these energies, as these spirits are in your dreams each night. Even if you don't remember, your subconscious does. Fear does not exist with these beings as the love they exhume is far too superior. This is a small lesson that we can take from them. Through repeated contact with these guides, one will begin to awaken from each experience with a new take on life and move a step closer to complete unification of your mind, body, and spirit.

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