Campo del Cielo (Meteorite)

Campo del Cielo (Meteorite)

Science & Origin of Campo Del Cielo

Campo del Cielo is the name given to a family of meteorite fragments found in a 2 x 12 mi area (crater) in northern Argentina. The meteor was estimated to have impacted Earth around 4700-4200 years ago. The first recorded mention we have of this mineral dates back to 1576, when the governor of a northern Argentina province used the military to search for a large piece of metal. He was only aware of this material because of the knowledge from the aboroginal people of Argentina, who used this space rock for weapons and crafting material. They found what had assumed to be the natural metal and sent it back to mainland Europe for further analysis. There was very little recorded activity mentioning anything else about this meteorite until 1774. However, little did this governor know that he had actually found an 18 ton single piece of meteorite that was later referred to as Meson di Fierro (meaning the Table of Iron). This name was coined by Don Bartolomé Francisco de Maguna, who “rediscovered” this mineral in 1774.

A further expedition in 1783 by Rubin de Celi led to the use of explosives to try and extract this humongous chunk from the Earth. He was unsuccessful in his trial and later deemed this material being made from ancient volcanic activity, which could have possibly been the source of an exposed Iron mine. This exact piece was left in the Earth, but was somehow extracted between then and the middle to late 1800’s. That was a mystery for over 100 years when in 1992 someone was arrested for trying to smuggle out a 37 ton piece of meteorite. At the point of this writing (July 2020), this mineral has not officially been determined as the famed Meson di Fierro, but many researchers and geologists believe it to be so!

The name of this mineral comes from the aboriginal people who initially discovered and alerted the Spanish of its existence. Natives believed it had fallen from a specific position in the sky known to them as “Pigeum Nonralta”. In Spanish this translates to “Campo del Cielo”, which means “Field of Heaven”.

Campo del Cielo (Meteorite)

Legendary Meteorites

It is believed that this meteorite is among the heaviest single piece of space rock to impact Earth, with the total recovered weight of the pieces so far being 100 tons. Included in that weight is the third largest single piece of space rock recovered in 2016 known as the “Gancedo”. This massive chunk weighs in at over 30 tons and is 90% Iron and 10% Nickel, much like the rest of the pieces recovered from these craters.

Meaning & Energy

Like all meteorites, Campo del Cielo assists one in the full physical transformation of your own existence, while elevating your consciousness to new, unimaginable heights. Meteors provide an energy that pushes one to completely break down their idea of themselves (and who they are) so they can begin to rebuild the true image of themselves. Campo del Cielo meteorite fragments soar above all other space rocks when it comes to the reimagination of who you really are. You are the creator of your own universe and can choose to do whatever it is in this world, thus providing endless joy and happiness.

Campo del Cielo meteorites are a daily reminder of that philosophy, and will help clear the air of any and all negativity that may be surrounding you and affecting your daily decision making. By providing this impenetrable etheric shield, one will not only have inner peace, but also be able to listen to your instinctual desires. This is far different from what occurs in the world we live in, where societal trends dominate, and one needs to continue to keep up with “what's in” to even feel comfortable anymore. One’s time is very limited here and it should only be spent with the ones you love while doing the things that bring you the most joy. Campo del Cielo meteorite fragments put this view into the forefront of your mind, thus helping one acknowledge the importance of individuality and self expression. These freedoms will play a great role in the ever expanding growth cycle here on Earth.

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