Science & Origin of Goshenite

Goshenite is an aluminum beryllium silicate mineral and is commonly referred to as the colorless variety of Beryl. It crystallizes in the form of small prismatic shards, vertically striated “icicles”, and hexagonal rods. Goshenite has been used throughout multiple different societies but wasn’t officially discovered until 1844 by C.U. Shepard. He chose to name it after the locality of its discovery, Goshen, Massachusetts. Since then, the main deposits of colorless beryl have shifted overseas to Pakistan and Russia, in addition to small important deposits from the country of Brazil.

All forms of Goshenite can be found showing extreme clarity, making this a highly desired mineral. Some of the earliest eyeglasses and magnifying glasses were made using large cut transparent Goshenite crystals (which also happened to be nearly scratch proof, due to no other everyday object being naturally harder at that time). Even some of the world’s earliest telescopes had small prismatic shards (hand-cut) to help magnify what our ancestors saw in the night sky.


Meaning & Energy

Goshenite is an extremely high vibrational stone that resonates directly with your third eye and crown chakras. Intuition, mental stimulation, clarity, and a heightened sense of awareness occur when one starts working with this stone. Your manifestation levels will reach an all-time high as you are using pure, transparent Beryl energy to imbue your intentions with the universe. Your general concentration and mental drive will be a night and day difference, as well as the duration and strength of your meditative sessions. One may notice themselves truly “falling” into their experiences each time, with a stronger connection being built to the celestial world with each use!

Strength Over Time

Goshenite thankfully doesn’t absorb much energy when it’s being worked with. This allows one to manifest, meditate, and carry this stone over and over again. As Goshenite becomes your own personal amulet, one’s aura will passively become stronger and more resilient to negative, earthbound energy. One will also notice the development of increased patience within, helping navigate through uncertain times. Instead of making an uneducated decision that can truly affect your life path, Goshenite settles any internal struggles and suggests looking beyond this reality (internally) to lifes biggest questions.

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