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Science & Origin of Eclogite

Eclogite is a mafic (high iron & magnesium silicate) metamorphic rock consisting of pink or red Garnet (Pyrope or Almandine) and Omphacite. Omphacite is a sodium rich mineral and member of the Pyroxene crystal family. It’s color can be just about any shade of green and is the matrix for which the Garnets formed. Other notable minerals can sometimes also be found within this crystal such as Jade, Quartz, Kyanite, Zoisite, Rutile, Dolomite, Ruby, Sapphire and sometimes . Eclogite is unique and has been formed under extreme heat and pressure. It only occurs on Earth’s lower crust and upper mantle (18-28 miles down), and under temperatures that exceed 1200-1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Eclogite has only a few known localities in the world, making this an incredibly rare and valuable stone. Norway has an abundance of this mineral but China, Germany, Austria, and the United States also have Eclogite with different sub minerals in it. The oldest locality that this mineral is found in is Brazil and Mali, with these deposits estimated at over 650 million years old.

Meaning & Energy

Eclogite activates our lower 4 chakras and strengthens the connection we have to Mother Earth. One’s personal will can become unlocked and then link directly to your heart space. Once established, this channel is here to highlight your deepest desires and take action to make them a reality. Usually the truest form of happiness is already within us just waiting to be unleashed. Eclogite helps raise one's awareness to become mindful of the truth within. Once acknowledged, one can set this intention directly into the stone and begin to tap into the energies it projects. Become attuned to Eclogite’s energies by continuously meditating with your “weighted” stone and let your consciousness begin to find pathways to your dreams. As one allows their inner strength to break through, your focus, drive, and confidence levels should all spike as well. As you become comfortable with this stone, it will be easier to channel your intention directly into your personal will. As you progress in your spiritual journey with Eclogite, one will find numerous opportunities awaiting you. Continue manifesting and creating a vision for you to follow and allow Eclogite to push you into action. The only limitations we could face are one’s from which we create. Eclogite will break these habits and make you focus on the development of one’s true character.


Crystal Pairings

We recommend meditating with Eclogite in combination with other minerals that similarly suit your desired intention. For example if you are looking to open your heart and release emotional strain, try tapping into the energies of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite or Pink Opal. If you're looking for assistance with manifestation, try accessing the vibrations of Pyrite, Wulfenite, Vanadinite, Tiger Eye or Citrine. Lastly, to build a stronger connection with Mother Nature, attune your energies to Green Calcite, Petrified Wood, Prehnite , Serpentine or . All these minerals in combination with Eclogite will have a drastic impact on one's life path and spiritual growth. Find the stone that best connects with your energy and allow it to become another tool that helps you evolve.

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