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Science & Origin of Zoisite

Zoisite, also known as Saualpite, is the name given to a group of Calcium Aluminum Silicate minerals. It crystalizes in the form of masses although it can form in small prismatic crystals. This mineral was formerly a part of the Epidote family, however in 2006 it was determined that it is actually its own group of minerals. Zoisites can mainly be found in a green and black striped or spotted pattern, yet they have also been found in yellow, grey, pink, brown, and colorless. The purple variety that was recently discovered in Tanzania is known as Tanzanite and is a variety of Zoisite! Zoisite is almost always found alongside other minerals most commonly with Ruby or Pargasite.

Saualpite vs. Zoisite

Zoisite was originally known through history as Saualpite due to its discovery in Saualpite (Carinthia, Austria). It wasn't until 1805 that A.G. Warner officially recorded and reclassified this subset of minerals to be known as a Zoisite. This naming was in honor of Sigmund Zois Freiherr von Edelstein who was responsible for multiple Austrian mineral expeditions.


Meaning & Energy

Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life. It helps you “rebirth” and have a better understanding of yourself and your connection to the outside world. If you are not typically spiritual and recently “awakened” your spirituality, this stone will help you along your journey of rediscovery. Your heart system needs to be held up with a strong foundation and a solid inner working. Zoisite helps expand your heart chakra and allows rejuvenation to flow freely through your body. This ebb and flow helps you produce the inner balance that is necessary for your heart to function within this physical world.

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