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Science & Origin of Tanzanite

Tanzanite, a variety of Zoisite and member of the Epidote Family, forms in masses and prismatic crystals. It's only locality known to date is the country of Tanzania located in southwest Africa, hence its name. Tanzanite was first reported a little over 50 years ago in 1967 by H.B. Platt and its color ranges from colorless to yellow, to brown, grey, and most commonly its infamous blue-purple. A common legend states that the blue color within Tanzanite was actually the result of a powerful lighting storm around 30 years prior to the stone’s discovery. This legend details the storm’s strikes created a wide spread fire that heated the surface enough to change the color of the Zoisite variety. The largest natural piece of Tanzanite ever recorded weighs in at 123 carats, but any gem greater than 5 carats is extremely rare to find. Since Tanzanite’s inception on the market, most notably by the New York based jewelers, Tiffany and Co., the market has been flooded with fakes. A majority of jewelry pieces containing gem grade Tanzanite is actually heated Corundum or synthetic Spinel.

Meaning & Energy

Tanzanite stimulates our throat, third eye, crown, and Etheric Chakras. Its one of the most powerful stones one can work with when it comes to connecting their mind and heart, and soul to create one being. This stone urges us to speak compassionate words from the heart, while also displaying a higher level of intellect that comes directly from your expanded mind. Tanzanite has been described by many as a self-awakening stone that is here guide and activate the individual spirituality in all of us. It's a stone that urges you to be the best version of yourself and pushes one's consciousness into a higher state of being. This special mineral offers up only the highest form of truth and trust, and will expose any lies we keep telling ourselves. Its very important to live a truth filled life as it will drastically change your perception of the ones around you, and who or what you may be spending all of your valuable time with. Tanzanite forces us to shed a layer of old skin so that we may work in association with our current state of mind. No more holding on to issues, arguments, disagreements, or any negativity. The connection Tanzanite makes from the heart to the throat will only allow constructive words to be spoken when wearing or working with Tanzanite. Its one of the better stones to be worn when having disagreements with the ones who you may love and care deeply about. This stone softens our words and helps us choose the right tone that we wish to speak in.


Crystal Pairing

Due to Tanzanite's high frequency energy output, we recommend using a grounding stone when working with it. One council favorite is Hematite due to its magnetic ability to pull down higher vibrations into our physical realm. These vibrations help attract, attune, and translate all the higher knowledge Tanzanite opens us up to. Hematite pushes us into putting this energy into action. Its the perfect ally for Tanzanite when it comes to long, deep meditative sessions.

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