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Science & Origin of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is a crypto-crystalline member of the Quartz family. This stone is found in only one of seven sacred Indian rivers. Villagers visit the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata and polish these river rocks to better define their famed lingam shape. Shiva Lingams can range in size, with pieces being found as tall as 10 feet.

In Hindu culture, the lingam is a representation of the Lord Shiva in Shaivism and is believed to be a representation of their phallus. In Ancient Sanskrit text, the word Shiva means “sign” or “symbol” which translates to “Shivas Sign”. The Lingam represents the Brahmanda, which means “cosmic egg”, symbolizing the creation of both the divine male and female energies. Oftentimes temples are built with a single Shiva Lingam residing in the center, resting within a Yoni representing the female organ.

Meaning & Energy

Shiva Lingam is an elite stone when it comes to raising aspects of fertility, sexuality, confidence, and balance stabilization. The symmetrically rounded ends of the Shiva Lingam emit energy stabilization, increased memory, and the expansion of your overall consciousness. Through a leveling out effect, we are able to look at things more clearly and have a better understanding of what the true meaning of life really is. Thankfully with the power of a Shiva Lingam, the polaric points can help guide our two most important bodies (physical & emotional).

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingams’ balancing effect can also assist in your own sexual relationships. This representation of fertility and sexuality is a great totem to place within a bedroom to activate your sacral chakra. This area of the body contains our true identity and helps expand the understanding of who we are and how to transmute our energies towards the ones we love.

Due to Shiva Lingam coming in just about every size, we highly suggest having a piece with you each day. Even if you do not have any of the above issues, these abundant Indian stones are here for humanity’s purpose. The chakra realignment that Shiva Lingam emits is capable of altering your emotional body, physical spirit, and mental ideology.

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