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Science & Origin of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is usually found in masses, and is very rarely seen in crystalline form. This calcite variety is usually found within Mexico, Canada, and South America. This stone directly resonates with ones solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Meaning & Energy

Orange Calcite is the perfect stone to use when trying to unlock and unleash ones creative or sexual energies. It’s one of the very few stones that help circulate these energies throughout the body, assisting in removing certain blockages when needed. When our creative and sexual energies are flowing freely, we become more comfortable with ourselves and the current action at hand. This usually leads to an increase in confidence and self esteem. We always recommend Orange Calcite for anyone who feels down on themselves. This calcite variety is a very positive and uplifting stone. It’s orange rays mirror that of the sun, producing and unleashing certain endorphins within the body. Anyone who is looking for the “fire” to be re-lit inside of them, this is the stone for you.

Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite

The Council recommends any women trying to become pregnant to carry a piece of Orange Calcite with them. Not only does this stone unlock ones sexual energy, but it's also been known to increase fertility. If one decides to meditate with this stone for sexual reasons, we suggest placing it around your groin area. While this sexual energy freely flows within, you will soon begin to realize your comfort level about this subject steadily increasing. Over time you'll learn to embrace your sexuality and interests, without a hesitation about whether what your doing is okay. Once you accept the urge of your sexuality, one will soon have more opportunities to express it.

Crystal Pairings

For increasing ones sexual desires and fertility levels, we recommend using a Shiva Lingam in conjunction with Orange Calcite. Shiva Lingam brings with it the polarities of certain energies such as male/female, and physical/spiritual. It’s been said that opposites attract, and in this instance, it's true! By exposing yourself to the other sex’s energies through a stone, one will be more comfortable in accepting those energies when it comes to a physical person. Simply placing a Shiva Lingam next to your Orange Calcite during meditation will drastically affect ones sex life and sexual desires.

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