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Science & Origin of Löllingite

Löllingite, also known as Loellingite, is a member of the Marcasite family and crystallizes in the form of prismatic shards, pyramidal, and masses. The color can range from bright silver to a dull lackluster grey. There have been numerous deposits that naturally contain Silver & Bismuth, which makes veins of Löllingite an indicator of more precious metals. It was named in 1845 by Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger after its type locality at the Wolfbau Mine, in the Lölling District of Austria. This stone can be found all over the world with major deposits in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

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Meaning & Energy

Löllingite is a powerful manifestation tool that magnetizes your most passionate thoughts into existence. This crystal embraces the law of attraction and assists you in manifesting your goals and desires so that they may become a physical reality. This amulet is very similar to Pyrite, Ruby, Sphalerite, and Garnet and provides an increase in your vitreal and strength to aid you in growing each and every day.


The Crystal Council recommends you carry this stone on you to serve as a reminder to keep your physical body alert, and your mind focused on the task at hand. Through hard work and dedication, you are able to accomplish your most prosperous visions of your life path. The problem with today’s society is believing that gratification is instant and not a constant work in progress. Success within and to the viewing world comes from the belief in yourself, patience, and pure and endless self-love. Without these three traits, the body and mind will never equate the same vision; which ultimately is your true purpose here on earth.

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