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Rudraksha beads naturally form within the fruits that grow on Rudraksha trees (aka Elaeocarpus) and can form in many different colors including white, red, brown, yellow, and black, although brown is the most common. Rudraksha trees grow naturally in the wild and are found in India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Guam, Hawaii, and the South Eastern Asian Islands. The Rudraksha from the Himalayas are said to be the most powerful and hold the most energy as they gather nutrients from the holy land and rivers within the Himalayas.

Although Rudraksha seeds are technically not stones, they still give off powerful vibrations that vary depending on type. The different types are called “Mukhi”, meaning face, and are based off of the number of lines coming out of the center or faces they display ranging from 1-21. Beads from 1-14 Mukhis are the most common and those from 4-6 are specifically the most abundant. The beads that range from 15-21 Mukis are the rarest as they grow less frequently every year and hold immense power. Extremely rare Rudraksha of 22-42 Mukhis are also said to exist but are so rare that only a select few people have them or know where they can be found.

All Rudraksha beads symbolize Divine power and its connection with the physical world. Through this link they bring about a better understanding of the link between God and humans, allowing one to resonate with vibrations of prosperity, fulfillment, wealth, and increased vitality. They greatly boost spiritual energy, aiding in meditation and elimination of negative energy. These traits are common across Rudraksha of all Mukhis and similarly to variations of different stones, each one adds its own different abilities and associations.

One Mukhi Rudraksha is the face of truth, ruled by the Sun. Its energies are significant in beginning new spiritual evolutions, bringing about enlightenment and revelations. These beads radiate with a warm yet piercing light that greatly boosts confidence, creativity, and leadership abilities. Wearing them as a necklace or bracelet will bring abundant increases to one’s charm and overall protection from harm. They shine light on any issues in life, allowing one to find the solution and learn whatever lessons these situations teach us. This is also extremely useful in the recognition and elimination of addictions and bad habits. One Mukhis aid in controlling anger and are excellent healers of physical issues of the heart, diabetes, and blood pressure.


Two Mukhi Rudraksha represents unity and duality - the link between the father and son, the teacher and student, the parents and children, the Sun and Moon. Ruled by the Moon, Two Mukhis are very beneficial for overcoming any emotional issues and are especially helpful to those who are having problems in any type of relationship whether it be in marriage, family, work, or friendship. They are excellent assistants in moving beyond negative feelings of misery and despair as well as the anxiety often linked to them. These beads help to transform one’s behavioral patterns from negative to positive, allowing a frequent positive outlook on life and calming the mind so that one can make decisions more easily. Those who wear these beads are able to find great balance between worldly and spiritual things, bringing them attainment of desires residing in both realms.  

Three Mukhi carries the energy of the trinity, the triforce of creation and being. Ruled by the planet Mars, it is extremely useful in finding the endurance and strength to carry out one’s will. It purifies all negativity, especially from the past, and breaks down the walls of restraint that often block us from creative evolution. Three Mukhis provide mass amounts of energy that the wearer can draw upon when feeling tired and fatigued, boosting overall vitality. These beads help to remove the malefic attributes of Mars, allowing one to control aggressiveness and direct energy towards creative endeavors. This also makes them very useful for those with a heavy Mars influence in their chart. Wearing them will help one to carry an aura of self-assurance in all situations, removing nervousness and stress as well as depression and misery. Physically, they aid in healing physical issues of the stomach, skin, and eyes.

Four Mukhi Rudraksha carries with it the essence of both infinite knowledge and creativity. It is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Mercury, which help one to gain knowledge on how to expand past the boundaries that hold them back from the “next step” in any journey. This link helps to remove the malefic traits of Jupiter and Mercury as well. Wearing Four Mukhi beads increases concentration, insight, and understanding so that one may learn new things quickly and immediately apply them to their life. It also greatly enhances memory, creative thoughts, communication, and meditation. Through this one may continually grow and develop strong spiritual faith, a deep sense of individuality, and expansive self-esteem. Physically, Four Mukhi aids with lethargy and excessive sleep.

Five Mukhi is the most common and abundant of all Rudraksha beads, giving off energies of balance and self control. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and therefore removes its malefic attributes, helping one to maintain balance and refrain from overindulgence (especially when an abundance of something is placed in front of us). This applies directly to the five primary carnal human instincts of Lust, Greed, Anger, Affection, and Ego as it will help one to control these instincts in a world where they are easily triggered. Keeping these instincts under control allows one to keep a clear and focused mind, aiding in meditation and spiritual development. Wearing Five Mukhi beads will physically help with ailments of the heart, kidneys, liver, and blood. They also help with weight control and the anxiety often paired with a fear of suffering from disease. It is said that those who wear these beads will never suffer an untimely death.

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