Science & Origin of Rudraksha

Rudraksha, also known as Mukhi Stone, is the name given to a dried seed that comes from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree. The name is derived from sand script and translates to “Lord Rudra’s Teadrops”. Rudra is the name of Shiva, a primal soul of the universe, and “Aksa” means tear or teardrops. The tree that Rudraksha comes from can be found in multiple locations, mainly India, Nepal, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia. When Rudraksha is found in its fruit form its blue-hued berries resemble that of a small pitted cherry in the west.

Line Formation

Rudraksha can be found in between one and twenty-one line (which are referred to as Mukhi) formations. You will mainly find Rudraksha seeds between four and six lines( which are the most common). The seeds with one single line going through the entire surface are among the rarest and when found, are highly treasured. Each Mukhi, or line, of the Rudraksha Seed, is found with the same type of symmetrical pattern. For example, Mukhi 4 will have the same pattern, just as Mukhi 11 will follow suit.

Rudraksha through History

These seeds, which are full of life, have been mentioned constantly throughout religious texts and cultures. Shaivism is considered to be the oldest living religion in the world and is a subset of Hinduism. This community of worshipers chooses to follow Lord Shiva. This Supreme Being is also referred to as Rudra and is known as the creator and destroyer of all things. Some followers believe that Shiva is not only the almighty energy around them but also the spark within them. Many practitioners believed Shiva was the spirit they harnessed as well as the expander of their own personal consciousness. Rudraksha beads encourage the connection between you and the Lord Shiva, while reaffirming the spiritual essence you have within.


Energy & Meaning

Although Rudraksha is not a crystal, it carries with it creation, fertility, and life force energy. We like to still view Rudraksha as a living essence capable of providing renewed vitality and high levels of soul healing. Our entire chakra column becomes aligned and activated when we choose to access Rudraksha’s full capabilities. Any blockage or misstep in the chakra pattern can throw one off balance and make you feel as though you are out of touch with yourself. Wearing this bead as a bracelet is a great way to relax the mind and allow the spirit to heal from within. Through this internal healing, we can become more aware of our surroundings and provide ourselves with much-needed support.

The process of this seed’s creation will heavily impact your daily energy when worn or carried. Most of the time the seed you are holding is only a few months, if not a few years old. Normally when we speak about creation, a stone is formed over hundreds if not millions of years ago. The divine nubile energy of this seed connects our root chakra to Mother Earth in a way no crystal has before. We like to imagine Rudraksha as a “newborn” that has a natural connection for its mother and looks to draw from its eternal energies. If you’re someone who is looking for fresh energy, Rudraksha would be a beneficial mediation tool to help expand your thinking and healing potential!

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