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Science & Origin of Lava Rock

Lava Rock, also known as Basalt, is a broad term for a mineral that forms when magma from volcanoes solidifies and hardens into rock. This stone is found worldwide and is one of the oldest and most abundant minerals on earth. It is challenging to acquire due to most countries making it illegal to sell or distribute. One of the primary reasons is that most volcanic rock is located on government-owned and protected property. Most Lava Rock that appears on the market today was either mined before the regulations were put into place or smuggled out of that particular country. Visiting many island countries can help one better understand how magma cools and basalt (Lava Rock) forms.

Transformation & New Beginning

Just by glancing at any Lava Rock piece, you can see how it is a true fragment of Mother Earth. It is a tiny sliver of her physical shell yet contains some of the most abundant energy she has to offer. Lava Rock is a representation of the blood our home planet sacrificed to create a livable biome. The energy encased within Lava Rock is raw and primal. At one time, this tough stone was a free-flowing liquid that ebbed and flowed with its environment. This form of earth’s energy was so powerful it devastated anything in its path yet left a fresh layer to start anew. This is one of the many effects that this small piece of Earth can have on you. One will stop existing within this plane and transform into the primordial being that we know is within. Lava Rock pushes one to have a breakthrough and to ultimately transform their entire life. Working with this stone can bring the real you to the surface and lay fresh ground for you to plant your roots.

Lava Rock
Lava Rock

A Fire Inside

All of us have a fire inside and it is our destiny to ignite it. More importantly, one must be able to find what it is that really gets you out of bed each day. These small actions describe the life that you would like to live and the massive change that's required to achieve it. Lava Rock directs your internal desires to your second brain (your gut), which houses your incredible will that is needed to maintain your happiness. Place this stone directly over your navel while meditating and allow the most delicate of energies to be pulled out by this crystal. You will know the feeling once these emotions begin to take flight. Success takes hard work and Lava Rock pulls the hard-worker out of you.


Our root chakra is responsible for our connection to this physical plane. By activating it through a crystal’s energy and meditation, one can root themselves and bring forth higher energies, thoughts, and feelings. As the stone’s “grounding” effect takes place, one will notice a slow release of control. This is all a part of the process to slow yourself down and live in the moment. Our heads are distracted continuously each day by nonsense and energy-wasting thoughts. Lava Rock helps extinguish those ideas and provide a clean slate for us to begin imaging from the soul.

Infusion of Essential Oils

Lava Rock is a remarkable stone to use with your favorite essential oils. Its surface is able to hold and slightly absorb those essences. We recommend starting your meditation how you would normally, but this time hold a piece of Lava Rock infused with the oil. Take deep breaths and inhale the relaxing and healing benefits of any oil you would like. We at the Crystal Council advocate for the use of essential oils in any meditation session. Being able to use this crystal as a tool during this process is a dream come true!

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