Science & Origin of Howlite

Howlite, also known as Magnesite, is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, nodules and occasional small prismatic crystals. It's commonly found with a color scheme consisting of chalky white with black veins running throughout. However it can also be seen as brown or even colorless. Howlite was first discovered in 1868 near the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia. Henry How (famed Canadian chemist and geologist) was alerted of an odd mineral that had occurred in a gypsum mine close to his office at nearby King’s College. He investigated this unusual crystal and determined it to be a completely new mineral. He originally named it “silicoborocalcite”, a reference to it’s believed chemical structure at the time. After his death, it was later renamed in his honor by James Dwight Dana (famed American geologist and volcanologist) to “Howlite”. Aside from its original discovery in Nova Scotia, Howlite can also be found in Germany, Serbia, Turkey and the United States. There are two states with very important deposits in the United States which are California and Nevada. Both places have the only mines in the world where Howlite has been found in crystallized form. This occurrence was monumental for the geology community, confirming its highly rumored existence.

Imitation Stone

This mineral is often used as an “imitation stone” because it is dyed a variety of colors to resemble other minerals. Most often, it is used to make “fake” Turquoise so that it can be used as jewelry. Due to Turquoise having a low hardness level and brittle qualities, it's impossible to work with unless a matrix is backing it. That’s when someone decided to start dying Howlite and selling it as if it had been strengthened due to mass formations. This was a complete lie, but the mineral market took that fallacy and ran with it. Nowadays, it's very common to see dyed Howlite at gem shows, rock shops, and even jewelry stores. To avoid purchasing this man-altered mineral, we recommend immediately looking for an unnatural artificial color as well as checking it’s hardness levels.


Meaning & Energy

Howlite is a stone of emotional healing that contains vibrations directly resonating with one’s root and crown chakras. This is a unique combination, with Howlite opening up portals of entry on opposite points of the etheric body. Your root chakra becomes fully connected to Mother Earth and all the energy she provides, while staying in direct contact with your higher self. These connections happening at the same time are extremely rare, thus exposing the power Howlite harness within. This energy is very potent and becomes imbued within the user upon first touch. One will initially notice a sense of calm energy overcoming them, easing that unnecessary “weight” off your shoulders and allowing you to stand tall. Not only do your confidence levels begin to rise, but also your inner strength begins to awaken once more. Howlite reminds us of the power we hold and urges one to use, channel, and harness this energy towards individual self-healing. This stone is here to nurture and enlighten one's heavenly body, while showing you the capabilities your soul can offer this planet.

Grief & Mourning

A trait not often spoken about is Howlite’s ability to fully help one cope and heal from trauma, grief, mourning, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Aside from bringing one's inner strength to the forefront during this time, it also helps one slowly rebuild their emotional body. During times of distress, Howlite grounds all of our energy and allows our mind to maintain a sense of clarity. This is vital for making rational decisions that can better suit one's day to day healing. We recommend wearing or carrying a piece daily and tapping into its energy whenever it's needed. Howlite is an emotional talisman that is here to show one that growth and new life are possible, no matter the pain one has beared.

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