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Science & Origin of Stibnite

Stibnite, also known as Antimonite, is an antimony sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the forms of masses, but is most commonly known when seen in it’s semi-rare, long prismatic crystal structure. These long, tubular crystals can be seen ranging from a few inches, to a few feet. They are extremely reflective and are sometimes known to be crossed at a diagonal, forming an “X” shape. Stibnite is normally seen as a metallic grey or silver, but can also be found in a lighter black and normally containing a large amount of tarnish. This mineral was first reported in 1832 by F.S. Beaudant and was named from the Latin word “Stibium” meaning “antimony”. The largest known deposits of Stibnite is found in the Hunan Province of China and are responsible for a large percent of pieces on the market today. Other localities of this mineral also include Japan, Romania, and Canada.

Although Stibnite was first recorded back in 1832, this mineral has been traced back to uses in Ancient Egypt and early Middle Eastern settlements. Back in 3000 B.C., it’s believed Stibnite was used as a makeup and eyeliner agent, and was referred to as “Khol”. Stibnite was also used as a medication in these ancient societies. It was said that this mineral would enhance vision and produce cellular growth within hair follicles. Prophet Muhammad is quoted in the “Sunan Abi Dawood” as saying,

“ Among the best types of collyrium(Stibnite) is antimony for it clears the vision and makes the hair sprout.'” The largest display of Stibnite in the world is located at the American Natural History Museum in New York City. It is a single specimen that weighs over 1000 pounds, and contains some long tubular crystals that measure almost 2’ in length

Meaning & Energy

Stibnite is a very strong transformation stone that activates and helps align all chakras. This crystal is associated with the planet and god Pluto, which is the ruler of all things rebirth, transformation, and power. It helps one shed their skin like that of a snake and transform you into who your truly want to be. Stibnite pushes us to be the highest version of ourselves and live a life full of things most relatable to you and your interests. This crystal brings out the best in us so that we may be able to bring out the best in others.


Stibnite is one of the strongest manifestation stones that The Council has ever worked with. This special mineral has been known to bring wealth, prosperity, abundance, and enhancement of one’s ability when working with or carrying Stibnite daily. It's the perfect stone to set an intention in and aids in keeping that laser sharp focus that pushes you to obtain and achieve that said intention. Like Hematite, the weight of the stone works like that of a magnet, attracting new beginnings and personal accomplishments. While working with Stibnite, the laser sharp focus will also help us see and understand daily synchronicities. These synchronicities are signs from the Universe pointing us in the direction of our true life path and offering up with them new opportunities. For anyone looking to enhance and increase these synchronicities, Moldavite is the perfect ally for Stibnite. Both these stones are very transformative and possess great power when combined. Moldavite works to fully open and unlock the heart, and will attempt to clear and cleanse anything that may be weighing down on it. During this time, the Stibnite re-aligns our chakras and magnifies the free flowing energy that a cleansed heart outputs. By doing this, it helps us become a higher and better version ourselves, and opens us up to ideas to shape who we truly want to be. Thus, we are creating a warm, harmonious balance and unity of our heart, mind, and will.

Crystal Pairings

Using Stibnite with other stones can multiply the power and healing properties they both contain. For example, when using Black Kyanite and Stibnite together, we are quite literally engulfing ourselves in a shiny, impenetrable etheric bubble. These stones work together to protect our personal energy while also blocking any negative or unwanted energies, especially of those in environments where we feel completely vulnerable and uncomfortable. Another protection and grounding stone that works extremely well with Stibnite is Black Tourmaline. Known as the “etheric vacuum cleaner” Black Tourmaline will do a full body cleansing and keep you grounded when Stibnite’s ultimate energy may be too much. Both these stones together will allow a complete transformational process to happen without being interrupted or “attacked” by unwanted, negative energy.

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