Science & Origin of Plumbogummite

Plumbogummite is an extremely rare lead phosphate mineral that forms in trigonal crystal structures. Its blue-green color is gained from inclusions of Aluminum. This mineral was first discovered in 1819 by François Pierre Nicolas Gillet de Laumont after the Latin words "plumbum" meaning lead and "gummi" meaning gum. This peculiar naming is due to its similarity to a coating of sticky gum on top of a crystal. Plumbogummite is a pseudomorph mineral, meaning that it grows and replaces the spot of another mineral. This crystal commonly grows alongside Pyromorphite but has also been found in association with Mimetite, Wulfenite, Cerussite, Angelesite, and Dufitite. It is found in a few localities throughout the world, most notably France, China, Australia, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom.* Although this crystal is often found in a blue-green color, is has also appeared in a pale yellow color in Bolivia

Meaning & Energy

At first look, Plumbogummite may seem like a mineral not from this earth. This foreign-looking stone has immense energies that rival powerful crystals such as Moldavite, Cavansite, and Grandidierite. As mentioned above, Plumbogummite grows in replacement of Pyromorphite; consider how strong this mineral would have to be to overcome this strong stone. Plumbogummite cools Pyromorphite's fiery center with blue rays of communicative light. We may often find ourselves in an internal mental struggle that pulls us into a dark place. When we are in this despair, it may seem like there is no possible way that we can pull ourselves out. Using Plumbogummite as a tool can allow us to open our throat chakra and use this communication channel to grow.

Communicating our Struggles


As much as it may seem uncomfortable, speaking to others about our issues can help us look at our problems in another light. Plumbogummite is powerful enough to soothe even the most intense emotions and for that we recommend it to those who find themselves in extreme internal mental debates. Keeping these negative thoughts inside can bring about an immense amount of internal trauma. Without letting people inside, we become our own judge, juror, and executioner of our fate. When our throat chakra channel is open, we can relax our minds and comfortably talk about our problems to others. Oftentimes, just looking at your issues in another light can massively change your perspective on them.

Crystal Pairing

Plumbogummite and it's pseudomorph stone are often strong and for that we recommend pairing it with grounding and amplification stones. This should often be your centerpiece within a crystal grid and can be surrounded by Quartz points as an enhancer. If you are new to crystals and you're looking to mediate with this piece, grounding stones such as Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, and Shungite can help!

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