Science & Origin of Grandidierite

Grandidierite is an iron magnesium silicate mineral that appears in orthorhombic formations. Blue varieties of this crystal appear when there is more Iron found within the deposit. Grandidierite was first discovered on the cliffs of Andrahomana in 1902 by Alfred Lacroix. Alfred named this crystal in honor of the French explorer Alfred Grandidier who famously explored Madagascar. This mineral is extremely rare and most raw material is instantly sent away to be cut into high tiered jewelry. In 2003 a new deposit of transparent Grandidierite was found in the Kolonne area of Sri Lanka. To date, this mineral is only found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Meaning & Energy

It's not every day that you get the chance to work with such a powerful and rare stone. We were fortunate enough to come in contact with raw pieces of Grandidierite and had immense experiences with it. Its manifestation energies pull you into the direction of what your heart truly desires. We often find ourselves at the edge of a cliff, wanting to jump, but we are too stricken with fear of the unknown to push ourselves off. Grandidierite opens your mind's eye and shows the benefits of making that final leap. The throat, third eye, and heart chakra become linked together when working with Grandidierite. This trifecta gives your heart and mind the opportunity to freely communicate with each other. This clear channel of thought can help you make concrete decisions that are best for your future. Creating your own reality requires confidence and determination. Don’t be afraid to take that first step!


Enhance Your Inner-Visions

Grandidierite will open up your mind so that you can clearly see your truest potential. When sleeping next to this stone, you may find your dreams extremely moving and communicative, similar to that of Cavansite. Tasks or goals that you have been daunting over will wash away and appear much easier than expected. Authors Note: We would consider this stone the fast track tool of manifestation. The dreams we personally experienced were vivid future events that had yet to take place. After having dreamt of these encounters, the task at hand seemed much easier and achievable (almost as if it had already happened!).

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