Science & Origin of Mimetite

Mimetite, also known as Mimetesite and Prixite, is a rare lead arsenate chloride mineral that crystallizes in the form of botryoidal, tiny tabular crystals, and small curved acicular crystals. This mineral is a member of the Apatite family and forms from heavy oxidation of lead deposits. Other lead minerals such as Wulfenite, Vanadinite, and Galena can occur near or in association with Mimetite. This crystal was first reported by F.S. Beaudant in 1832 and was named after the Greek word “mimetes” meaning “ imitator”. This name was chosen because of its similar resemblance to Pyromorphite, and them naturally forming near one another. Very fine specimens of Mimetite have come out of Mexico and Namibia, although it can also be found in Australia, Greece, and the USA.

Meaning & Energy 

Mimetite is a powerful heart stone that is here to provide emotional stability, inner balance, serenity, joy, and adventure. It helps one open up their heart and assist in releasing any and all negative vibrations that may plague our most vital organ. As this crystal aids in removing negative energy, Mimetite also provides nourishing and rejuvenating vibrations to take its place and imbue one’s emotional body and auric field. As the positive energy fills one’s body, it will help in realigning the chakra field and provide overall balance. These actions and energies from Mimetite will provide one with pure joy and bliss. Happiness will soon follow and one will be eager to take on new and exciting hobbies and adventures once more.


We recommend this stone to anyone going through a change in their life or simply can't seem to find the energy each day to do things you truly love. Mimetite should serve as a daily reminder to take time for yourself, calm your mind, and meditate. Try laying down and placing this stone over your heart to allow the energies to be directly absorbed. Imagine this energy is doing a “clean out” of one's heart, and removing any and all blockages within. Once one’s heart is cleansed, Mimetite’s uplifting and energizing vibrations will soon fill one's body. With this new found energy, one will be able to enjoy doing what they love once more and feel happiness and joy again!

Mimetite is a very rare stone and can be hard to get your hands on a peice. Most specimens on the market are botryoidal and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Very rarely will you find crystallized Mimetite, as it is extremely rare to find. Most pieces on the market are very small and sell for thousands. 

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