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Science & Origin of Wavellite

Wavellite is a rare phosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of clusters, stalactites, skinny needle-like crystals, or as a spherical structure. The color most associated with this mineral is green to light green, but can also be found as white, yellow, blue, brown, black, and even colorless. Wavellite was first discovered in Devon, England by W. Babington in 1805. Wavellite was named after the English physicist, William Wavell. Along with forming in phosphate rock, Wavellite can also be found in most aluminous metamorphic rock throughout the world. The most famous locality for Wavellite is in the Ouachita mountain range in Mount Ida, Arkansas. Also known as the Quartz capital of the world, these mountains have produced some of the nicest specimens of Wavellite the world has ever seen. Other notable localities include the UK, Bolivia, Germany, Japan, and Australia.


Meaning & Energy

Wavellite is a stone of love, peace, truth, compassion and intuition. Our emotional bodies immediately become rejuvenated with powerful life force energy when working with this stone. It brings the softer side out of each one of us that we generally do not allow the world to see. Wavellite pushes one to feel compassion for the ones around us, as well as even helping out complete strangers.This stone brings out the “good” in humanity and is here to bring us all together through love. As one becomes more connected to themselves and the people closest to them, we all begin to share a single life line. Our intuition naturally raises when working with Wavellite and can help one better understand what is bothering you or your loved ones. Naturally, people are hesitant to voice their problems and show one their truest emotions. Wavellite helps bring these emotions to the surface so that they may be dealt with. By facing these feelings and accepting that they’re there, only then can one move forward and begin to grow.

Wavellite is also here to help remove any blockages that may be in one's chakra channel. If our chakras are not fully in line, that can cause one to feel unbalanced, express unstable emotions, become very short tempered, and stifle their growth. Meditating with this stone over your heart can help one identify exactly where that blockage may be. While maintaining a clear and calm mind, one will be able to focus all their energy on the exact part of your body that needs healing. This energy will help bring to the surface any negative vibration or entity that is affecting our lives daily. We recommend doing this as many times as one needs. It may take a few sessions for one to feel completely back to themselves.

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