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Science & Origin of Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a variety of Jasper. It is a microcrystalline silicate and member of the Quartz family. The red color is due from tiny Iron impurities and can range in a variety of different shades and hues.This mineral has been traced all the way back to Egyptian times where it had uses in jewelry, makeup, and sacred trinkets. Nowadays, Red Jasper is commonly used for crafting, tumbling, and sculpting. Important deposits of Red Jasper can be found all throughout the world with major veins running throughout Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, and Germany.

Meaning & Energy

Red Jasper is an exceptional grounding stone that helps one better engage with the world around them. It will eliminate all distractions and procrastination, while helping you achieve your dreams and goals. So often do we allow a little challenge to disrupt our desires, but not anymore. Red Jasper engages the root and sacral chakra, actively channeling Earth’s mightiest energy within. This life force energy is unlike anything anyone has felt before. Nurturing and transformational vibrations begin to fill our aura, while simultaneously ushering out any old negative deities or energies. Once one has a clear emotional and physical body, the real growth patterns can begin. Red Jasper pushes you to grow into the person you truly are, compared to the person social media forces you to be. This stone helps one grow into the most appropriate spiritual version of yourself. One that is capable of understanding the true reality of the world around them and how to discern these ideas and ideologies.

Red Jasper

Trust In Your Journey

Red Jasper is truly a “breakaway” stone that focuses one on their body's inner needs, while removing itself from toxic environments and situations. Almost all negative energy that impacts us is picked up from the surrounding people and places we come in contact with. For this reason, we highly recommend carrying a protection stone alongside your Red Jasper. We suggest doing this because as much as Red Jasper pushes one away from conforming to societal needs, it doesn't protect us from the current negativity that's spreading throughout this world. As long as you trust the journey you are on and continue channeling the magnificent abilities of Red Jasper, hope will soon overtake your emotional body. This vital emotion provides one with a perspective which forces one's fortitude and inner strength to be able to shine through. The only way for you to achieve what it is that you want in this world, is by personally taking action and achieving it. Red Jasper helps you find the courage to say “enough is enough” and remove yourself from any situation that does not serve your highest good.

Crystal Pairings

For protection stones to use in conjunction with Red Jasper, we recommend Black Kyanite, Black Moonstone, Jet, , and Shungite. All of these stones play a vital role in keeping our spirit alive and well. Remember to constantly cleanse your stones (except Black Kyanite) and release them of any negative energies they may have picked up throughout the day.

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