Science & Origin of Lazurite

Lazurite is a sodium calcium aluminum silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of cubic, dodecahedral, and masses. It's a member of the Sodalite family of minerals and can be seen in various shades of blue, such as light blue, dark blue, and even a green-blue color. Some pieces have been unearthed colorless, but that is extremely rare. Lazurite is the base mineral of the famous Lapis Lazuli crystal and can crystallize with Calcite and Pyrite. The mineral was officially classified as separate from Lapis Lazuli in 1890 by Waldemar Christofer Brogger, a Norwegian geologist and mineralogist. He chose the name “Lazurite” after the Persian word “Lashward”, meaning “blue”. The most famous and abundant deposit of Lazurite is located in the Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, but can also be found in Italy, Russia, Canada, Burma, Chile, and the USA.


Meaning & Energy

Lazurite is a very intuitive stone that can help access the third eye and bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds. The energy is capable of not only accessing more of your own mind, but expanding your consciousness to be able to understand higher vibrations. The higher self, your most instinctive and pure form of the spiritual body houses the knowledge of everything that was, is, and will be during your existence here on Earth. The channeling of these energies happens during deep meditation, reiki practices, and most importantly, in your dreams. In this subconscious mind, one is able to remove the physical traits and emotions that take you away from your spiritual purpose and redirect the ability of your mind, body, and soul connection. The answers to every question that we may have are contained within us, as the universe is more mental than it is physical. Your spirit houses knowledge capable of answering each and every question you have about yourself,but unfortunetly the problem we run into in todays society is learning how to access them. The divine light within you must be awoken through practices that engage not your physical body, but your etheric body. Lazurite is one our favorite “awakening stones” and can help the evolution of yourself, which in return can change the the direction of your environment, and potentially, humanity as a whole.

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