Science & Origin of Iowaite

Iowaite is a rare magnesium, iron, chlorine, hydroxide crystal and member of the Hydrotalcite group that crystallizes in the form of masses, fibers, and prismatic shards. It can be found in shades of green, yellow, blue, colorless, white, and even violet. Iowaite was first discovered in the Matlock Drill Core, Iowa and named after its type locality state. Since then, Iowaite has been found in Russia, Australia, Canada, and even deep within the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans!

Purple Iowaite

A rare variety of Iowaite with chromium was recently discovered in Russia with outstanding colors. This violet and purple variation has only been found in mass formation in the Altai Republic of Russia. To the common eye, this may be confused for Stichtite as it has also been found growing on a Serpentine shist.

Meaning & Energy


Iowaite is a stone that bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, helping you connect to your higher self. The alignment of your higher-tiered chakras (such as your third eye and crown) can produce visual imagery that directly correlates to your current life path. This occurs frequently when we sleep but is also prevalent during the day when our mind begins to wonder. Your thoughts and mental emotions begin to encompass your true desires as your intuition thrusts you forward. This new reality is not foreign as it has been subconsciously manifested by you!

We are all different and it may take our entire lives to understand why we are here on Mother Earth during this time. Iowaite is a stone that helps us connect the dots of our existence and the purpose we serve. Only you can channel your true potential through a deep understanding of yourself and a connection to spirits beyond your imagination.

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