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Science & Origin of Dianite (Blue Jade)

Dianite, also referred to as Blue Jade or Siberian Blue Jade, is a potassium magnesium amphibole-rich silicate that crystallizes in the form of masses. This mineral includes a combination of Arfvedsonite with Pargasite, helping contribute to its overall color. These shades can range from a dark to light blue with occasional white and grey spots. Dianite was first discovered in 1997 in the Murun Complex of Russia, and was named after the late Princess Diana. To this day, no other deposit of Dianite has ever been found.

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Jade Naming

When this crystal was officially debuted in the early 2000’s it captivated the mineral community due to its rarity and color. It was in this period that the name “Blue Jade” began to surface as a synonym for this material. This was a tactic used by dealers to help increase this stone's popularity, as well as their profits. It is merely referred to as a form of Jade due to its similarity, especially when cut and polished.

Dianite (Blue Jade)
Dianite (Blue Jade)
Dianite (Blue Jade)

Meaning & Eergy

The day we happened to be writing this article, the Queen of England sadly passed away. Without knowing of its connection to the British Monarchy, the magnetic pull we felt towards this crystal inclined us to write about this stone today. This divine connection is definitely apparent in Dianite’s capabilities as it can help you dive deeper into yourself and the world around you. The intuitiveness of this stone raises your mental capacity to fully understand symbolic imagery and real-life events that occur around you each day. Everything in your life happens for a reason and this stone increases your awareness of these synchronicities.

Dianite is a great stone to meditate with and utilize with other psychic abilities and channeling stones. The deeper you dive into yourself, the more you begin to understand your purpose and soulful mission on this planet. As you find the light within yourself, look towards your channeling capabilities and utilize them. Your passions, drive, and true desires begin to flow out of you in a clear channel filled with abundance and love. Become a brighter light in the world today than you were yesterday. Smile!

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