Nevada Rose (Purple Dumortierite)

Nevada Rose (Purple Dumortierite)

Science & Origin of Nevada Rose

Nevada Rose, also known as Pink/Purple Dumortierite is an extremely rare mineral that has been found in only one locality of Northern Nevada. This stone was first reported in 1959 by John Sinkankas in the book “Gemstones of North America”. He chose to name this stone after the state in which it was found and the color of the few specimens he had discovered. The color is altered at a chemical level due to tiny inclusions of Titanium.

The mine was originally owned by Champion Auto Parts, a large spark plug manufacturer who extracted Andalusite for commercial uses in the 1930s. The mine is now currently under private ownership with the exact whereabouts hidden from the mineral community. What makes this mine so lucrative is the Gold that can often be extracted as a secondary mineral. This has led to multiple corporations offering to purchase this mine from the owners for the sole purpose of Gold extraction.

There is not that much of a striking difference between this variation and the original Blue Dumortierite. This slight change in energy is mainly concentrated towards the heart center and less towards the upper three chakras. This results in a stone that helps one open and activate their heart chakra. Doing this to your love center will allow deep emotional trauma to rise to the surface and help you recover from past emotional burdens. Working with Nevada Rose will help you block out your current reality to focus on our inward energy.

Nevada Rose (Purple Dumortierite)

Meaning & Energy

Pairing this crystal with other heart chakra stones will help amplify its healing effects. One of our personal favorites is Kunzite (if you can get your hands on a piece). The energies from this pink variety of Spodumene combined with Nevada Rose is capable of removing the current blockages that we wake up with every day. Through deep meditation and allowing your mind to work with a clean slate, one will relinquish their need for control and enter a free-flowing state.

Crystal Pairing

If you find yourself facing traumatic or PTSD-like mental scenarios, use Rhodochrosite with Pink Dumortierite to place your ego to the side. Looking inwardly through self-reflection is a trait we often lack to exercise each day. These two crystals will provide you the opportunity to purge both the pain and self-doubt that you carry. Your inner strength will shine when you begin to let yourself live, breathe, and love again.

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