Science & Origin of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is an extremely rare aluminium lithium silicate mineral and member of the Spodumene family. It crystallizes in the form of flat prismatic crystals, as well as elongated blades. The color is primarily green due to inclusions of chromium, but can also be light yellow or even colorless. Hiddenite can be found in very few countries around the world, with the highest quality crystals coming out of Brazil. Other notable localities include Madagascar, Burma, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States.

Hiddenite was first discovered in 1879 in North Carolina (United States) around a small community settlement called White Plains. Small pieces and shards were recovered from the site and sent to prominent mining engineer and collector, William Earl Hidden. During this time, Mr. Hidden was in the process of being commissioned by Thomas Edison to find Platinum under North Carolina (for use in commercial production of lightbulbs). William Earl undertook mining operations at this location and began to find Hiddenite crystals embedded in a rock/clay matrix. Unsure exactly what type of material this was, he chose to send samples to famed American chemist and mineralogist, John Lawrence Smith. Once determined that this was in fact a brand new mineral, he chose to name it after Mr. Hidden, who spent more time and money at the North Carolina mining operation than anyone else. Although his company, The Emerald and Hiddenite Mining Co., was unsuccessful fulfilling Mr. Edison's desires, they were still locally famous for bringing to surface such a beautiful new stone. Fast forward 30 years later, the county once known as White Plains is renamed Hiddenite, North Carolina, where it still remains today!


Meaning & Energy

Hiddenite provides much-needed love and light to your entire aura, helping fill it with harmonious energy that is capable of uplifting any attitude. The free-flowing vibrations of this rare crystal help easily adjust your current emotional state and conjure the inner strength to delve into whatever it is you are feeling. Hiddenite pushes you to understand the source of your pain and the reason you lack the ability to let go. You may already know the root problem that plagues your inner core, but have refused to push past it, and that's OK! Sometimes we are not ready to push past things that have affected us. Eventually, you must face these inner demons and conquer them, for they will linger for lifetimes. While here, these negative emotions can fill your entire body with volatile energy, leading you to easily fall into a state of intense depression and PTSD. To help purge these emotions, one must actively be working on themselves and powering through life with your focus on a greater purpose.


Hiddenite can actively remind you of the path you are on and the positive influences needed to achieve enlightenment. Through deep meditation, one can muster the courage to look internally and provide yourself with the proper replenishing energies. Vibrations of happiness, joy, and self appreciation begin to imbue your entire body and push you towards your soul’s true mission. As you become more in touch with who you truly are, so will the people around you. Through this betterment of oneself, loved ones around you may begin to better themselves. Thus, you are passively channeling the true power of Hiddenite, which will forever linger within you!

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