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Crocoite is a delicate crystal that is classified as a lead chromate. Its color ranges from red to red-orange and can sometimes be yellow. Its known locations are in Tasmania, Australia and in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Crocoite is a stone of transition that assists in making breakthroughs of all kinds, but especially in the realm of realization of enlightenment. This stone gives off very interesting vibrations as it stimulates the root, heart, and crown chakras (which opens the kundalini) and moves one’s core energy through it. Such a powerful opening and flow of these energies catalyzes enormous leaps in consciousness and dispels old blockages. This allows one to fully express the spiritual self through the physical body. The direct link it forms between the root, heart, and crown strongly activates and links together one’s passion, love, and spiritual awareness all at once. This also aids one in connecting to the wisdom of the heart and communion with the Divine. Crocoite enhances creativity, physical vitality, and all types of creative fertility making it a great stone for artists, writers, and musicians.

Crocoite gives off vibrations that are highly conductive to tantric love making. Keeping a cluster of this stone in the bedroom can infuse the room with a beautiful wave of ecstatic engagement, and increase the energy flow between partners. These energies strongly stimulate sexuality and fertility, as well as bringing sexual partners to higher states of consciousness during deep intimate settings. Crocoite also physically supports the reproductive organs and helps push sexual energy throughout the body.





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