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Science & Origin of Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper, also known as Zebra Agate, is a striped variety of Jasper that crystallizes in mass formation. The color is black and white in an alternating pattern and is named after the resemblance to the zebra's skin pattern. Most of the material of high quality is used in carvings, from beads and palm stones to other shapes and jewelry. Zebra Jasper mainly occurs in India, but can also be found in Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, and the USA.

Zebra Rock

Zebra Jasper is commonly confused with Zebra Rock, a brown and white sedimentary stone that comes out of Western Australia. The appearance is the opposite, with the stripes of the Zebra Rock being different colored and more uniform in appearance. Zebra Rock has iron inclusions within, giving it its unique color, and is over 670 million to 1.2 billion years old. Suppliers throughout the world call the newer black and white material Zebra Rock due to its longstanding name recognition and the fact that the only active mine is closed. The Kimberly Stone Company stopped production on the only location of Zebra Rock to preserve it for future generations. The mine owners Ruth Duncan and Kim Walker made this decision in 2017, leaving what's left on the market to be all that's left for production.

Zebra Jasper

Meaning & Energy

Zebra Jasper, a delightful dance of yin and yang energies, harmoniously interweaves equilibrium into our lives. With its remarkable ability to spark our innate intuition, it is not merely a stone, but a luminous guide aiding us in the process of decision-making. This captivating crystal harbors the power to subtly shift the direction of our life's journey, unfolding new horizons and fostering fresh beginnings. It is, indeed, a cherished companion for anyone seeking transformation and self-discovery. This creation of Earth also embodies the vibrations of protection that can ground one's inner vitality and awaken the root chakra within. Through the guiding light of this celestial planet, one's aura and energies can be safeguarded through an etheric shield that allows your purest self-expression to flow from one's heart space.

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