Science & Origin of Uvite

Uvite is an uncommon calcium magnesium iron aluminum boro-silicate mineral and a member of the Tourmaline family. It crystallizes in the form of striated prismatic crystals, as well as small needle-like clusters. Most often this mineral is found in a dark brown-reddish color, but can also be seen as green, black, red and colorless. Uvite was first discovered in 1929 by W. Kunitz. He named this newly found mineral after the location of his discovery, Uva, Sri Lanka. There is some debate in the geology world as to if this really was the first discovery of Uvite due to its close similarities to (Brown Tourmaline). To make matters worse, these minerals commonly grow together and sometimes aren’t even distinguishable by a collector’s eye. Uvite can be found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the USA, Brazil, and Slovakia. 

There is often confusion as to the difference between Uvite and the mineral Fluor-uvite. Fluor-uvite is a form of Uvite where some of its Hydroxyl is replaced with Fluorine. This variety was not classified as being its own mineral until 2010, when the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) decided to change it.


Meaning & Energy

Uvite actives and unlocks ones solar plexus chakra and is a perfect tool for anyone seeking self-confidence, empowerment, positivity, and fortitude. This mineral pushes you to look internally at yourself and the inner strength you possess. By looking within and reminding yourself of who you truly, one will be able to look at all they’ve been through. Seeing what you have come from and where you're at now can help push one's drive and focus onto new goals and ideas. These ideas can help bring one happiness and joy again, resulting in the restored confidence in one’s self and their capabilities. This can then cause a chain reaction and truly push one on a path towards altruism. One will become empowered with positivity and enlightenment that may soon radiate onto others who find themselves around you.

We recommend meditating with this stone daily and letting it serve as a reminder to push yourself forward and continue your growth. Set an intention into your piece of Uvite and focus on that intention during deep meditative sessions. Allow yourself to manifest the possibilities you want in your life and begin to translate these ideas into reality. This process may be long and tiresome at points, but is important that one has their head looking towards the end goal. Uvite will help raise ones fortitude and provide you with a sense of focus and determination one has yet to experience before. 

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