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Science & Origin of Lemon Calcite

Lemon Calcite is a new variety of Calcite. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that was recently discovered in Pakistan and its color can range in just about every shade of yellow and even a full bodied gold. The range of colors are due to the amount of iron impurities within each stone. At the time of this writing (June 2020) not much of this material is on the market. Much of the raw stone has been going to experienced and artisan crafters who have begun the difficult and talent induced process of hand making shapes, skulls, obelisks, and more.

Meaning & Energy

We’ve only recently begun working with this stone, but have already noticed the incredible effects it has on the solar plexus chakra. The energies of this stone immediately resonate in our gut and slowly begin to expand outwards in all directions, specifically our physical and emotional bodies. Our inner core will begin to activate with the arrival of this new found energy. One will then become more in touch with themselves and their true spirit. Slowly and unconsciously, Lemon Calcite sets us on a path of self examination, specifically diving to the depths of our motivation (or lack thereof), focus, confidence, and determination levels. This subconscious action allows one to become more aware of what it is that needs to be worked on and addressed. Over time if we do not initially confront the issues we are dealing with, they will begin to become a part of who we are. That doesn't have to be the case though and Lemon Calcite nearly makes it impossible to avoid the issues it has forced out into the open. Through deep meditation, one will be able to continuously work on these much needed traits. Focusing on these aspects can fundamentally change the person you become, as well as the course in which your heading.

Lemon Calcite


We recommend maximizing the manifestation abilities Lemon Calcite offers as well as becoming comfortable with the energies it releases. Try grasping this stone firmly and placing your most desired intention into it. Close your eyes and envision this reality coming to life, as well as the most minute details of this “visionary experience”. This is the process of creating your own universe and is the sole premise behind manifesting. Doing this repeatedly will only enhance the strength of your personal will and provide a means to achieve it. Listen to your instincts and allow your intuition to take flight each day. This will result in your mind passively vibrating at a very high level, while also being able to channel a higher tiered decision making process.


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