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Science & Origin of Golden Mica

Golden Mica is a variety of Mica that crystallizes in the form of scales, sheets, and flakes (usually on a matrix). The color comes from oxidized Iron and can range in shades from metallic gold to mustard yellow. This mineral is not to be confused with Muscovite, which is also in the Mica family. Although they are both “sheet silicate” minerals, Muscovite contains aluminum and potassium, while Golden Mica has heavy traces of Iron. The majority of commercial Golden Mica deposits can be found spread throughout Brazil, especially the state of Minas Gerais.

Meaning & Energy

Golden Mica shares the same balancing and self-healing benefits of Lepidolite, in addition to an increase in one’s willpower. Specifically, this stone helps awaken that inner fighter within you, allowing you to channel your entire being into whatever task or idea you may have. One may find themselves feeling wholesome again, as well as a change in your daily attitude. Golden Mica is truly an uplifting stone that can escalate one into a stage of euphoria during deep meditation sessions. It’s one of the more potent stones we’ve had the opportunity to work with, however it’s energies are still subtle enough for sensitive and beginner practioniars.

Golden Mica

To learn more about Golden Mica and the energies you can draw from this magical mineral, check out our Lepidolite write up! Although chemically these minerals differ slightly, they’re very similar energetically!

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