Science & Origin of Erythrite

Erythrite, also known as Red Cobalt or Cobalt Bloom, is a secondary hydrated cobalt arsenate mineral that crystallizes in the form of crusts, aggregates and tiny needle-like prismatic crystals. It's a member of the Vivianite family and usually occurs around other Cobalt varieties. It can also be associated with natural Silver. The color is mainly crimson red, but can also be seen as purple, pink, peach, and grey. Lighter color Erythrite usually indicates higher levels of Nickel. This mineral was first discovered in Saxton, Germany in 1832 by François Sulpice Beaudant. He chose to name it after the Greek word “Erythros”, meaning “red”, which was the color of the first specimen he discovered. Erythrite is very abundant and can be found all across the world in places like Australia, Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Mexico and the United States.

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Meaning & Energy

Erythrite is a stone that helps the entire chakra column while assisting with energy flow throughout the body. The result of this total realignment is that it ultimately strengthens one's inner balance. This mineral helps identify areas that are in vital need of self healing rays. This can be a trait, physical injury or even an emotional reaction. Once identified, Erythrite is able to channel and release pulsating energy that can assist in one’s overall recovery. Try placing this stone directly over the affected area, close your eyes and begin to calm your mind. Focus on the exact point of overall pain and envision red energy rays seeping through your pores and imbuing your body. Continue maintaining a clear head and imagine this energy slowly beginning to circulate throughout your body. One may begin to feel a sense of warmth and comfort as Erythrite’s energy goes to work. Do this in 20-30 minute sessions a few times a week or as often as you feel necessary. One will be able to self rejuvenate and consistently maintain vital life force energy within. We recommend this stone to all practitioners, no matter the level of skill or experience one holds.


Using Aragonite With Erythrite

Aragonite is a crystal we recommend using in conjunction with Erythrite. During deep meditation exercises, these crystals work together to provide one with the ultimate chakra cleansing tool. Much like reiki healing, Aragonite and Erythrite assist one in cleansing their entire aura and providing nurturing vibrations. As stated above, place these minerals directly over the area of pain. Watch as the self-healing energy of these minerals activate, combine, and push one into a state of pure relaxation.

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