Science & Origin of Vivianite

Vivianite is an iron phosphate mineral that was found in Cornwall, U.K. Named after the late John Henry Vivian, who had discovered it in 1817. Vivianite has been seen in stone and crystal form, and has been noted to be a variety of colors such as blue, green, and sometimes even colorless. The finest crystal specimens have come out of mines in Bolivia, but have been known to be in Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S.A.

Meaning & Energy

Vivianite is a stone that helps one dive deep into their heart, healing wounds old and new. It brings gentleness and awareness to some who may not normally tend to share these qualities while bringing compassion about yourself and others around you. Vivianite is a stone full of peace and love and will relight the care you may have lost for the closest people around you.


As well as unlocking the heart, Vivianite also assists in removing negativity and unwanted energies from your mind, body, and auric field. For people who are dealing with depression and anxiety about yourself, Vivianite is highly recommended for you. It will help take away that feeling of “being uncomfortable in your own skin” and aid in embracing the beauty in yourself. Physically, Vivianite can help in the healing of the body as well. It helps the healing of the eyes, especially if one has cataracts or pink eye. Vivianite also helps strengthen the bones and is recommend for anyone showing signs of senility.

Pairing Crystals

Vivianite works well with other heart strengthening stones.  Using Rose Quartz when working with Vivianite will heal even the deepest subconscious wounds people may not think they carry daily. Working with Moldavite or Phenacite in conjunction with Vivianite will bring the mind to a higher vibration while channeling through the enlightened heart energy caused by the Vivianite.

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