Sonora Sunrise

Sonora Sunrise

Science & Origin of Sonora Sunrise

Sonora Sunrise, also known as Sonora Sunset and Cuprite Chrysocolla, is a hydrous copper oxide mineral containing Brochantite (with occasional Chrysocolla) and red Cuprite (Chalcotrichite, the orange variety of Cuprite may also be found in small amounts). A black banding of Tenorite (a Copper oxide) divides the two minerals, with the rock matrix being Limestone. Sonora Sunrise was recently discovered in 2006 at the Milpillas Copper Mine. This mine is about 50 miles south of the United States-Mexico border, near the town of Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico. Its name was derived from the similarly gorgeous colorful sunrises the Mexican state is widely known for.

Meaning & Energy

Sonora Sunrise is quite an odd stone, especially when referring to it’s energies. Oddly enough, this copper oxide mineral helps one communicate love, change, manifestation, and inner vitality all at once. Yes, a crazy and potent stone! It's almost fitting that this mineral has only been on the market for around a decade, being comparable to just about any other copper mineral we have worked with. Its energies are very similar to Brochantite especially when meditating with this crystal 1 on 1. With nothing else to compare it to except a small part of itself, you can understand why we hold this mineral in such high regard. We believe every single person, practitioner or not, should have a piece of Sonora Sunrise on them. With the hustle and bustle of the 21st century consuming more and more of our own personal time, this self-betterment amulet is nearly vital for one to “catch up” with their own emotions and well being. One must fully engage their energies with their piece of Sonora Sunset through deep meditation to witness the strength this crystal truly possesses.

Sonora Sunrise

Reset Your Daily Energy

Try placing it directly over your throat or heart chakra and close your eyes while taking a long deep breath. Do this repeatedly, with every breathing cycle becoming slower and more relaxed than the last. As one becomes in touch with themselves and their internal being, a tingling should begin occurring on whichever chakra the stone is over. This should serve as a reminder that your body is fueled by energy whether good or bad. Sonora Sunrise is here to teach you that vital lesson and provide a rejuvenating effect on your entire consciousness. Use this stone to help “reset” any daily energy that lingers within and allow yourself to channel all the love and light this crystal is emanating.

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