Science & Origin of Copal

Copal is a resin from a specific type of tree known as the Protium copal (Burseraceae) which is native to Mexico, East Africa, Central, and South America. The term 'Copal' traces its roots back to the Nahuatl language, where it stands for 'incense'. The legacy of this extraordinary resin extends from the ancient pre-Columbian societies to the extravagant American Gilded Age of the 1800s. Its versatility has allowed it to become an essential resource for a myriad of applications - from medicinal concoctions and coveted wood varnish to the unexpected use as locomotive paint.

Copal vs Amber

Cloaked in an enchanting yellow-orange hue akin to , Copal often poses a challenge for accurate identification. This similarity often leads to misclassification, with much of the Copal available in the market erroneously marketed as Amber. However, Amber usually harbors extinct species of insects and botanical inclusions and exhibits a broader geographical distribution.

Copal has an abundance of life force energies similar to that of Amber. They work as one when it comes to activating the throat, solar plexus, and sacral chakra systems together. The defining energetic difference comes by way of age, with Copal being much more relatable to the human consciousness today.


Meaning & Energy

Most pieces of Copal formed relatively recently when looking through the lens of the earth's geological calendar. This youthful resin captures the essence of a world that closely mirrors our own today. When Copal was still in its nascent phase as tree sap, our world thrived in an environment rich in oxygen, a catalyst for amplified growth across all life forms. As this sap began its transformation, turning into a 'fossilized' timestamp, it also cemented its unique energetic imprint.

Engage with this emblem of manifestation and creation by weaving it into your meditations. Envision it as a key, unlocking the solar plexus, the powerhouse of your true potential. Let it stir the passion nestled within your sacral chakra, fanning the flames of your deepest desires. Lastly, through the unsealing of your throat chakra, Copal equips you with the power to articulate the ideas that resonate with your soul's calling.

By embracing Copal, you receive not just a new metaphysical talisman, but also an echo of a vibrant life force. Harness this captivating organic material to awaken your innate power and embark on the profound journey of becoming your own architect of reality.

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