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Science & Origin of Charoite

Charoite, also known as lilac stone, is a rare potassium, barium, calcium strontium, sodium, hydrogen-rich silicate mineral. This crystal was discovered in the late 1940's and was named after the Chara River in Eastern Siberia, Russia. Although it was faintly talked about during that time, it did not explode into the market until 1978 with the help of Russian geologists. One of the main reasons we believe this stunning stone wasn't fully recognized until recently was due to its lackluster raw appearance.

When Charoite appears in raw form, it is opaque and does not give the milky fibrous sheen that takes a jewelers hand to bring to life. Its color ranges from a deep purple to a lilac pink and is commonly found with inclusions of Quartz (white) and Manganese (black). This is one of the very few stones that at first glance, may seem heat-treated or dyed. It's nearly impossible to fake the natural violet waves of Charoite, so have no fear when purchasing this stone!

Meaning & Energy

Charoite is a multidimensional stone that assists one in connecting with spirit guides, deities, and entities of other realms. Our third eye, crown, and etheric chakra system is truly stretched to its limits when working with this stone (especially when placed directly on the forehead). The energies released from within Charoite instantly activate the pineal gland and allows for a hasty development of transdimensional vision. Through deep meditation with Charoite, one may soon receive symbolic imagery depicting aspects within our present life.


Charoite's active energy helps remove the facade we place upon ourselves. This is a self-defensive attribute that our subconscious commonly creates. In the moment, this false "shareholder" of your consciousness seeks comfort, safety, and stability. Our desire for these feelings may cause us to act out in fear. This mindset is not healthy for someone with growth and expansion on their mind. To further our own evolution, we must be willing and able to accept the unwanted traits that we have. Charoite dissolves this falsehood of ourselves and places us on a platform that yields confidence and self-acceptance. Once one has become comfortable with themselves, they can then find comfort in those around them.

Etheric Protection

With so much negativity around us each day, Charoite is an excellent source for etheric and psychic protection. We are frequently under attack from unknown sources as well as our own loved ones (sometimes by accident!). Charoite provides a cloak of protection around your entire auric field, allowing only positive energy to pierce and penetrate your soul. When you are in this "safe space" your mental capacity should feel widely expanded and your emotional body in a serene state. This is where the true magick of Charoite and you mesh.

Expansion of Energy

Through deep meditative sessions, one should be aware of the potent energy that Charoite pulls from. This energy has the potential to expand not only your mental capacity here on earth but also your own personal energy levels. Imagine if you were able to use a bit more of your brainpower in addition to showing more love each day. In essence, Charoite helps bring these attributes to life by channeling the most important multidimensional energy; love. Love is the creator of all things and is the basis of life as we know it. Charoite is a reminder that through love, anything is possible.

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