Different Ways To Store Your Raw Crystals

Crystals have several restorative properties. Some can help calm nerves while traveling, and others can bring you closer to your highest self. For these reasons and more, it’s not uncommon to find folks who collect crystals in their spare time. However, this popular hobby begs the question: How does one store their crystals? Avid collectors and people just learning about stones should read the different ways to store your raw crystals.

Soft Packaging

Perhaps the most crucial thing to keep in mind when storing crystals is the packaging. You shouldn’t throw your stones in a box like you do with your holiday decorations. This is a major no-no in the crystal community. Instead, find something soft that can hold the stones. Silk packaging is perfect because it’s delicate and won’t damage the stones. If you don’t have access to silk, grab some tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep your collectibles safe. Remember not to be willy-nilly with these objects so you can keep them in your family for years.

Put Them on Display

There’s no reason your crystal collecting hobby should remain a secret. Put the stones on display in your home if you want to show off your astounding assembly. Guests will be in awe every time they come to visit. However, watch out for sticky fingers! Below are a few quick tips to keep in mind if you want to leave your stones out for everyone to see:

  • Avoid putting the crystals in direct sunlight so that their color doesn’t fade.
  • Don’t leave the stones in areas of extreme temperature change because they may crack.
  • Place the crystals in a case or enclosure so that they don’t fall.

Organize by Characteristics

Many people organize their crystal collections by the characteristics they possess. Crystals give off their own energy, so it’s better to organize them into similar energy groups to avoid creating negative energy. For example, you should place grief stones next to other gems with the same capabilities. Crystals like the Small Raw Heulandite and Medium Raw Chalcopyrite center around the idea of reconstitution. You can begin again in the new year with one of these gems in your pocket.

Whether you’ve collected for years or you’re just starting, you should know the different ways to store your raw crystals. Stones deserve to be appreciated and maintained. You can’t treat them like other things you throw in your junk drawer. Luckily, we have many raw crystals for sale if you damage one. Crystal Council has an oath of authenticity on our website because we want to ensure we take this seriously. Every item you purchase from us will be real and worth the investment. We’d love to be a part of the hobby you enjoy so much!

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