Kitchen Crystals

The kitchen is where friends and family gather to prepare food and create memories.  Accenting the kitchen with crystals can assist with mindful eating, maintaining a wellness goal, supporting digestive health and cultivating an inspiring atmosphere to create!  Enliven the kitchen with heightened awareness, expanded curiosity and innovative creativity by exploring what works for you.  Noticing what energies you enjoy in the kitchen helps to hone your energetic palate.

Enhance the Atmosphere

Strawberry Quartz - Kitchens can hold a lot of residual energy due to the high foot traffic.  Infuse the space with Strawberry Quartz's bright, heart-centered energy.  This stone helps release self-imposed restrictions, reprogram outdated beliefs and alleviates anxiety.  Strawberry Quartz sets the tone for a loving environment that welcomes living in the moment.

Healthy Digestion

Amblygonite - Refresh the energetic space, transmute stress, discourage bickering and encourage harmony with the help of Amblygonite.  This stone may be used to encourage healing of the stomach and healthy digestion.

Jasper - Beneficial for balancing the mineral content of the body, Jasper is an excellent addition to the kitchen.  Jasper, red jasper and poppy jasper can all help with digestive health.

Weight Gain

Unakite - Encourage healthy weight gain with Unakite.  This healing stone also assists with recovery from major illness.

Healing from Eating Disorders

Bustamite - Soothe stress and continue to heal from eating disorders with Bustamite.  This stone assists with self forgiveness, helping one through their healing journey.  Working with this stone also may be beneficial for those with calcium deficiencies.

Rhodochrosite - Bring peace, love and healing into the kitchen with this pink healing stone.  Rhodochrosite helps support those healing from anorexia, radiating compassion and helping with the release of self blame and irrational fears.  This stone also works to bring balance to the thyroid.

Inspire Creativity

Citrine - Brighten the space up with a juicy citrine specimen!  This stone draws abundance, radiates positive energy and inspires creativity and motivation.  Citrine revitalizes the atmosphere, encouraging innovation that can result in a delicious dish!  Citrine also supports healthy digestion.  This stone would also enhance the energy of the kitchen's wealth corner.

Carnelian - Activate the sacral chakra, increase creativity, emotional flow and passion with carnelian.  This stone is beneficial for food assimilation, regulating the metabolism and encouraging the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Carnelian, also known as the stone of abundance, would also benefit the kitchen's wealth corner.

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