Magical Herbs

Plant a magical garden of herbs to eat, use and enjoy in everyday rituals.  Growing your own herbs from seed is a wonderful way to work with the energy of the plant; the care and nourishment provided to the seedling magnifies its metaphysical potency.  Herbs from a farmer's market or store may also be used with intention for propagating, ingesting, mindfulness and healing.

Basil, is also known as Witches Herb, St. Joseph's Wort, American Dittany and Sweet Basil.  The fragrant, bright green leaves may be used to invoke love, exorcism, protection and wealth.  Basil is associated with the planet Mars, the fire element and is regarded as a masculine essence.  Place Basil in a business to encourage success and prosperity, while protecting the space.  Planting Basil in front of a home also ushers in good fortune, protection and love.  Basil leaves can be added to a floor wash to cleanse the space of negative or dense energies.  Increase personal wealth by adding Basil leaves to your wallet or the inner pocket of your purse.  

Catnip is easy to care for and best planted in a container.  As a member of the invasive mint family, catnip will take over the entire garden if you let it!  This plant is associated with beauty, love, happiness and feline magic.  Venus, feminine energy and the water element correspond with catnip.  Catnip may be placed on an alter as an offering to Bast, the Egyptian deity with a feline form.  Giving fresh grown catnip to your feline companion may help to soothe them or open up their playfulness.  Exploring the effects of catnip on your cat, with your cat, is a mindful exercise which increases your psychic bond.  Work catnip into your own daily rituals by using large leaves as bookmarks in your grimoire or recipe books

Dill may be used to invoke love, lust, money and/or protection.  Generally used in pickling, Dill has a unique, fresh smell.  Plant dill in the garden for protection, or hang a dried bundle of dill on the door.  Dill corresponds with the fire element, Mercury and masculine energy.

Lavender, also known as Elf Leaf, is associated with the air element, Mercury and masculine essence.  This herb is beneficial for invoking chastity, happiness, longevity, love, peace, protection and purification.  Protect against the evil eye, increase intuitive awareness and welcome healing energy by carrying Lavender with you, or wearing Lavender essential oil.  Lavender encourages energies of love, kindness and peace, and is often an ingredient in love spells.  Burning lavender in an herb bundle may be used to rid the space of low vibrations and instill harmony, ease, tranquility, and vitality.

Lemon Balm's bright fragrance instantly awakens the surrounding space, brings clarity to the mind and refreshes the aura.  This herb is also known as Lemon Balsam, Bee Balm and Sweet Balm, and is a member of the invasive mint family; lemon balm is best planted in a container.  Lemon Balm may be used for healing, love and success.  This herb attracts bees, bringing life and happiness to the garden.  Increase magnetism, dial up romance and relinquish complacency to inspiration with the help of Lemon Balm; this herb can be used to make tea, placed in a love satchet, or grown in your home.


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