The Wealth Corner

Mindfully decorate the wealth corner of your home, business or office to increase abundance, magnify success and amplify manifesting power.  Located in the southeast direction of the home, business or office, the wealth corner can be found by standing in the front door and looking to the far left corner.  In Feng Shui, mantaining a clean, bright, intentionally adorned wealth corner helps to draw abundance, affluence and luxury to the home and its occupants.  Wood is directly associated with the wealth corner in Feng Shui, and incorporating wood energizes the space.

Wealth Corner Deep Clean

Sanctify the wealth corner prior to decorating by cleansing with smoke, Florida water, visualization or by utilizing a Selenite wand to wipe the area of any negativity by sweeping it over the space.  Cleansing with smoke ushers stagnant or foreign energy out of the space; be sure to keep windows and/or doors open to allow all smoke and collected energy to leave.  Palo Santo removes stale energy and replaces it with uplifting, abundant energy to encourage good fortune and vitality.  Cinnamon and Sage is also an effective pair; Sage cleanses the space of all energy, creating a clean energetic slate, while cinnamon infuses success, protection, healing and power into the area.

Cleanse with Florida Water

Pouring a capful of Florida water onto a clean cloth and wiping the wealth corner down thoroughly also raises the vibration.  Allow the space to air dry and enjoy Florida water's bright citrusy fragrance; oranges are ruled by the sun and amplify the energies of money and luck!

Cleanse with a Basil Infusion

Infuse your wealth corner with basil grown from the garden by boiling water and pouring them over fresh cut basil leaves; allow the infusion to cool, strain and use the water to wipe down the area, or simply place in a vial or glass jar to radiate prosperity and protection.  

Wealth Corner Decor & Design

Amplify the wealth corner by invoking earth energy through wood, crystals and healthy plants!  Create a vignette of items to build a unique energy that intuitively feels right for you.  Yellow, green and gold stones tend to be beneficial for drawing wealth, while brown and black stones offer protection, transmutation and grounding.  Green Tourmaline attracts cash, Pyrite magnifies energies of abundance, Jet stabilizes finances, and Cat's Eye helps draw back wealth lost prior to use of the stone.  Use sacred geometry to make a crystal grid for your wealth corner, or pair a crystal with clear quartz with the intention it magnifies the crystal's power.

Wood decor, potpourri and bark make the wealth corner resonate with stability, security and a sense of rootedness.  Cedar is especially potent for its healing, purification, protection and money drawing abilities. 

A healthy plant boosts the vitality of the wealth corner!  Snake plants, Aloe Vera and Ferns are a few low maintenance plants everyone can enjoy!  Snake plants are easy to take care of and draw the energy of the room upward.  The bright green of a snake plant adds an element of nature to the space, invoking a connection to all living things.  Snake plants are also an excellent way to improve air quality and transmute negative energy.  Aloe Vera is another useful, visually interesting plant to add to the wealth corner to bring good luck and attract money.  Aloe Vera can be used to soothe cuts and burns, is beneficial for gut health and is easy to care for.  Placing Aloe Vera in your home or business helps to prevent accidents and protect against negative influences.  Decorating with ferns is another great way to protect your space!  Though it should be noted some ferns are poisonous, they are versatile and can be planted outside or placed in a vase atop a table.  Ferns are associated with the planet Mercury, a planet that also rules prosperity and finance.  Channel the prosperous and protective energies of luck, eternal youth, health and riches with an intuitively selected fern!

Enjoy the Space

Spend time in your wealth corner and infuse it with your personal energy.  Notice how you feel in that space, and if possible, take a moment to meditate within that space.  Psychically greet the plants and crystals you have set up, thanking them for helping to raise the overall vibration.

Add These to Your Wealth Corner:

• Moon water, or water set out under the gaze of the full moon, can also be utilized to amplify intention and placed in the wealth corner.

• A bowl of oranges

• Malachite, Green Adventurine, Jade, Yellow Jade, Herkimer Diamond, Smoky Quartz, Hematite

• Lucky coins, especially coins made during the year of your birth

• Money Bowl created with salt, rice, a green candle and money set with the intention to multiply

• Cedar chips

• Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg

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