Frequently Asked Questions


When will my subscription box ship?

Our subscription boxes ship on a schedule each month. The 1st of the month you'll recieve your personalized survey, you will have 10 days to fill it out. However, the quicker you fill it out, the faster you'll recieve it! We begin crafting your box shortly after you fill it out, when it's been shipped you will recieve a shipping notification via email. We make sure you'll recieve your box before the 20th of the month!

When is my card charged?

After your card is initially charged, it is set to re-bill on the 20th of the next billing cycle. So if you signed up for a month-to-month subscription, it will bill each month of the 20th.

How can I cancel or resume my subscription?

You can make changes to your current subscriptions by clicking here.

What do I do with the crystals I received?

You will receive a letter in each subscription box with tips on how to use each stone from the council. Although you are not binded to any specific instruction, you can use them anyway and anywhere you please. We've written a post about popular uses, you can read it HERE.

How can the crystals help me?

What you put into each crystal is what you get out, they all have their own unique properties and are eagerly waiting to aid you. Each crystal is programmable in its own way, meaning that each crystal can serve you based on your intention combined with its purpose. For example, Rose Quartz is associated with love and relationships. You can use this crystal in your daily life to bring about more of and amplify these aspects of your life.

What is 'my intention’?

Your intention is imply what you intend to bring about or manifest. It is your own personal reason for a specific desire and acts as the fuel in the process of attaining your desire.

I've hear about charging and cleansing crystals. What is this?

Clearing, charging and cleansing are three different rituals. Clearing is the act of wiping the crystal clean of any and all past energies that the crystal have absorbed. Charging the crystal is the act of expanding the unique vibration of the crystal. Cleansing is the act of “resetting” your crystal in order to continue working with it. Every crystal is different in its preference to this process. You can check out our blog tab which includes plenty of positive ways to achieve this and learn more.

What happens if I don't fill out my survey?

No survey? No problem. If you don't fill out your survey in time we will send you over our regular box of the month full of items.

What can I expect in my box monthly?

We have two different tiers of crystal subscription boxes. Head on over to our subscribe page and check out the description for the Apprentice and Master box.

Can I give the Crystal Council Box as a gift?

You can! Click here.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your card has been charged your box is already being prepared. If you cancel your card it will not be charged for the next billing period.

How long will I have to fill out each survey?

You will have from the 1st to the 7th of each month. We'll send you a reminder email if you haven't filled your survey out on the 7th. If you don't fill your survey out by the 7th we'll send you the regular box of the month.

Are returns accepted?

All sales are final

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We charge a small fee to cover the costs of our international shipping for both our shop orders and subscription boxes.

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