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Introduce a friend to the crystal world, and receive a $5 subscription credit.

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Invite enough friends and never pay for a subscription again.

With no limit in referrals, you can build up your credit balance forever.

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How It Works

Share your referral code to your friends and family. When they enter your referral code on checkout, or click your sharable link, they'll receive $5 off their first subscription box. Once they sign up, you'll instantly receive a $5 credit to your subscription account.

How Is My Balance Applied?

If you already have an active subscription with us, the credit will be automatically applied at your next billing cycle. If you don't have an active subscription with us, your credit will accumulate, and the next time you sign up you'll instantly receive that amount off your subscription.

Where Can I Check My Balance?

You can always view your Refer a Friend balance here.

Where Can I Find My Sharable Link?

You can always view your Refer a Friend link here.

Are All Subscriptions Included?

Yes! Your friends can use the discount on any of our tier boxes (Seeker, Apprentice, Master, Fossil & Magister), and your referral credit will be usable on any tier as well.

Can I use this credit on the shop?

The credit you accumulate is only usable for subscription boxes.

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