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Blue Onyx Necklace #6

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Origin: Argentina
Size: 1.5"/ 15.89g

Deep Meaning

Blue Onyx is a stone of the throat chakra that opens your communicative skills to not only yourself but also the world around you. It is much easier for you to talk about your heartfelt emotions when you are at peace with yourself, and working with Blue Onyx will help you achieve that. This mineral is a member of the Quartz family and its energies are naturally enhanced and can be often felt to the touch. Try placing a piece directly over your throat chakra during or after your meditation, or even carrying a piece with you throughout your day! You may initially notice a sense of overall softening of your attitude and reactions to others. This inner reflection teaches you that you are only able to treat others how you treat yourself.

Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx is a variety of Onyx, which is a type of Chalcedony, that crystallizes in the form of blue, white, and brown-banded masses. Just like Blue Chalcedony, its color is caused by what we...Read More About Blue Onyx

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