3 Ways To Use a Crystal Gemstone Pendulum

Crystal gemstone pendulums make a beautiful gift for that special someone in your life. Not only are they stunning, but they have remarkable abilities beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine having absolute clarity while making a decision. Or feeling balanced and centered at all times. Primarily, there are three ways to use a crystal gemstone pendulum; this article will examine all of them. Before reading, the most significant thing people should know is that pendulums usher in very personal experiences and emotions.

What Is a Crystal Gemstone Pendulum?

Before discussing three ways to use a crystal gemstone pendulum, it’s important to define what the object is! A pendulum is a string necklace with a triangular object in the middle, crystals being the most common. Yet, there are other materials used to make a pendulum. Glass, metal, and wood are a few additional items on the pendulum-making list. We’ll be analyzing crystal gemstone pendulums for the purposes of this article. However, remember not to be myopic in your idea of what a pendulum is. Let your creative juices fly when you get the urge to create! The sky’s the limit!

The New Magic 8 Ball?

Now that we know what a pendulum is, it’s time to start talking about how to use them! Help in decision-making is the most significant benefit of using a crystal gemstone pendulum. Growing up, many of us used magic eight balls to inquire about our future. In adulthood, we can safely say these were just toys. Crystal gemstone pendulums, on the other hand, have legitimate guidance abilities. These objects put us in touch with the present moment so that we can make the right decision at the right time. Pendulums promote wellness; they’re not toys that should be used to determine what you’ll have for dinner that evening. Instead, seeking guidance from a crystal gemstone pendulum is a very spiritual experience.

You may be thinking, “How do pendulums help in decision-making? Do they talk?” Sadly, the answer is no. Rather, they swing from side to side to answer questions. It’s up to you to determine which side indicates yes and which signals no. Essentially, ask the pendulum a question, and you’ll get the answer by seeing which way it moves. When you first select a pendulum, start by asking some baseline questions you know the answers to. For example, “Is my name Elizabeth?” If the answer is true, the pendulum will swing toward yes; if the answer is false, it’ll swing toward no. By establishing a base, the pendulum learns your rhythm and aids in decision-making more clearly.

It’s important to keep an open mind when seeking answers from a pendulum. Simple or complex questions are welcome as long as you’re willing to receive the information. If you’re skeptical about the pendulum’s abilities, it’ll be much more challenging to get helpful answers.

It’s All About Balance, People

Feeling “out of whack” is the worst. It’s like everything goes wrong at once, and you don’t know why. Misaligned chakras may be one reason you feel this way. Chakras help us stay balanced. If one of them is askew, we could end up feeling “off” for some time. Luckily, crystal gemstone pendulums help align chakras. Now, certain crystals are better at aligning chakras than others. Some stones help balance your third eye to see the bigger picture of a situation. Other crystals attend to your throat chakra, which deals with communication. It’s vital to pay attention to which crystal you put on your pendulum to understand which primary chakra is being addressed.

Crystal gemstone pendulums can also help remove negative energy from a space. Begin this process by cleansing the pendulum upon purchasing. Running it under cold water, letting it sit in rice, or using intuition are a few ways to do this. Once the pendulum itself is clear, it can start removing the toxic energy around you. If you’re focused on creating a more positive environment, embrace that pendulums can block negative energies from reaching you.

Clarity & Chakra Alignment

Many people refuse to believe in the spectacular abilities of crystals. Frankly, some folks have more faith in magic eight balls than they do crystals. Yet, this piece has debunked common myths about their capacities and benefits. These items learn your energy and help connect people to their innermost beings. For this reason, they aid in decision-making where extra clarity is needed. They also align chakras and assist in finding lost items.

The Crystal Council firmly stands behind the idea that crystals have amazing powers. Our products are unique and ethically sourced. The objects are handcrafted by skilled artisans, and their craftmanship leaves nothing to be desired. We never try to mislead our customers by offering less-than-ideal items—quite the opposite. Consider buying crystals online to see how the quality of our products differs from others on the market. Our mission is to provide tools that’ll help you lead the most value-aligned life possible. We take this responsibility seriously and will do everything we can to never break your trust.

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