Activating Your Intuition

Intuition, or the ability to glean information through energetic means, is a gift each being has access to.  Exercising the third eye or Ajna chakra, through meditation expands subconscious awareness and builds a glossary of personal clairvoyant terms and experiences.  The third eye chakra translates information received from the crown chakra into images.  Create a clear channel of receptivity by exercising intuitive abilities regularly with some of these tools and techniques!

Pull a Tarot Card

The art of divination through means of cartomancy helps to broaden the understanding of oneself and the collective as a whole.  Each tarot deck is unique in their approach to symbolism.  Selecting a deck in affinity with you, thoroughly shuffle the  cards with the intention that you receive a card beneficial for you to meditate on during this time.  Reviewing the symbolism of the card pulled and allowing its information to reveal itself to you is a wonderfully intuitive act.  Consider the colors featured, the numerical value, and the overall tone of the image.  Reflecting upon how this card connects to you and what lessons can be applied can provide further insight, as well as another perspective.

Meditate with The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the third card of the tarot, represented by the number 2, and associated with the third eye chakra and subconscious.  A symbol of wisdom, the High Priestess sits neutrally between two pillars representing positive energy and negative energy.   The High Priestess represents the higher self, and meditating with this card beckons the querent to reflect and assess.  Channel the energy of the High Priestess by wearing the color blue, which is associated with this tarot card.

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Crystal Clarity

Activate the upper chakras with crystals to invoke clarity, increase subconscious awareness, deepen meditation and amplify psychic abilities.  When meditating with your crystal or healing stone, allow the session to open up around you, flowing with what works best for you.  Closing the curtains or softening the lighting may help to create a soothing space to allow your mind to drift, while others may prefer the glow of a Himalayan salt lamp.  Intuit what environmental changes will suit your needs best.  Setting an intention prior to settling into meditation creates a focus to clear your mind and come back to.

Illuminate with Selenite, the high vibrational self-cleansing crystal ruled by the moon.  This stone can be placed above the head when laying on the floor in a meditative position to activate the upper chakras.  Selenite amplifies conscious awareness and aids in the release of judgmental thoughts, making it an ideal crystal for maintaining a clear mind while meditating.

Increase perception with Iceland Spar, also known as Optical Calcite.  Iceland Spar is associated with the third eye chakra and helps to alleviate emotional stress and revitalize the aura, while highlighting the multifaceted aspects of a situation.  This stone is especially helpful for seeking creative or illusive solutions, as well as new beginnings.  Holding this stone in your left, or receiving hand, inhale deeply and receive the energies being transmitted.  

Channel articulately with the help of Shattuckite.  Shattuckite aligns the third eye and throat chakras, providing a sense of ease when receiving messages from the ether.  A high vibrational stone which amplifies clairvoyant abilities, Shattuckite enables the communication of metaphysical sensations while protecting the physical body.  Shattuckite is an excellent stone to work with when receiving information through means of intuitive, or automatic writing.

Delve into past life healing with Dioptase!  This stone activates the third eye and heart chakras for an emotional detox that helps to release pent up loss, doubt, betrayal and grief.  Dioptase welcomes deep wounds to come to the surface to be released, making way for new possibilities, compassion and peace.  This stone is especially beneficial for spiritual attunement and bridging connection between oneself and the collective as a whole. 

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