Candle Color Meanings - What Each Candle Can Do For You

Candles have been used for thousands of years, spanning multiple civilizations from all different parts of the world. They have been used in rituals, prayer, life, death, and everything in between. Each candle's color is known to have a unique association with it, sharing familiar traits with their chakra and crystal counterparts. The powerful rays released when lighting a candle can have profound effects on anyone caught in its aura. We’ve detailed below the common traits of each candles color and the effects that come with them.



Purity, Clarity & Cleansing

The color white signifies the absolute truth in life. It is used for starting anew and clearing out any past negativity. Use these candles to cleanse a room and provide it with pure light energy.



Passion, Love, Action, Sexual Energy & Vitality

The red rays that radiate outward as the candle burns fills the room with passionate, creative energy. Lust for any desire you may have with these candles, whether it be for a loved one or a newly found passion.



Grounding, Protection, & Absorption

This candle, like many black stones, are known to absorb any negative energies that may surround you or your environment. While lighting this candle, imagine an impenetrable bubble that will surround and protect you while dispelling any unwanted energies from others.



Joy, Healing, Friendships & Affection

Like a beautiful pink sky filled sunset, this candle radiates rays of happiness that soothe the soul. This color is useful in times of self-healing and connecting with others.



Manifestation, Positivity, Confidence & Transformation

Solar Plexus Chakra

When manifesting your thoughts and dreams, light a yellow candle and focus on your deepest desires. These powerful yellow rays will work towards transforming your life and act as a source of personal power.



Growth, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Success

Whatever you are looking to grow, whether it be your bank account or personal endeavors, a green candle can help. Your desires will blossom under the green rays of light and multiply before your very eyes.



Creativity, Opportunity, Inspiration & Ambition

The rays of an orange candle emanate the focus to complete any task before you. Nothing is too big or small when you have your personal will set on it. This candle reminds you that you are the controller of your destiny and creator of your own opportunities.



Meditation, Intuition, Psychic Abilities & Calming

Soothe your inner energies with the cooling rays of a blue candle. Let your mind flow freely throughout your body and operate on a higher frequency. Highly recommended for use with meditating or before bedtime.



Wisdom, Imagination, & Attunement

Purple has been associated with luxury and high class, as well as accessing deepend knowledge. This color operates on a elevated plane, bringing down rich teachings with it. These rays promote a deepened understanding of what lies behind the curtain.


Crystal Counterparts 

By adding candles to your spiritual work, they will only enhance and strengthen yourself and the energies you are working towards. Just like routinely carrying a crystal, lighting a candle regularly will attract and amplify the properties associated with it. These colorful rays will be there for you during any transformative period in your life.


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