Crystal Shape Glossary

The shape of a crystal or stone dictates the way energy is expelled. Each shape has its own metaphysical qualities, and when used with intention, can amplify a meditation, ritual or wellness goal. In addition, the color of a crystal or stone may be brought into consideration to further amplify the outcome or healing effect. Crystals and healing stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; which of these formations does your collection need?

Animal Totems - Resemblance of an animal carved into a healing crystal or stone to assist in the channeling of an animal totem or guide. Meditating with an animal totem may assist those seeking to embody traits of the animal, such as the strength of a lion or the wisdom of an elephant.

Angel - Angelic likeness carved into a crystal or stone. Ideal for working with angelic realms, channeling Archangels and angelic guides to receive healing and messages; emits a gentle healing vibration.

Amorphous - Shapeless specimens lacking inner structure. Amorphous crystals or stones are ideal for accelerating growth and provide a potent, quick effect.

Ball - Symmetrical, spherical pieces resembling Mother Earth’s infinite oneness; energy radiates in all directions equally. Crystal balls are popular for gazing or scrying to provide a glimpse into the past, future or a specific situation.

Cluster - A large or small cluster of crystals connected to a base, radiating energy outward in various directions. Crystal clusters may be programmed with an distinct intention and left in a specific room of the house for healing purposes. These formations effectively absorb negative energy.

Companion Crystal - A smaller crystal growing out of a larger, main crystal; may also be known as twin crystals. The connection of the two crystals amplifies nurturing energy and may aid in relationship support during times of duress.

Double Termination - A crystal or stone with two pointed ends both directing energy outward simultaneously. This formation fuses the connection of the spiritual and physical and assists in the clearing of energetic blocks and old patterns. Enhance clairvoyant gifts during meditation by working with a double terminated crystal.

Druzy - Specimen with a crystalline coating; radiates relaxing harmonic energy.

Egg Shaped - Commonly used in reflexology and acupressure, egg-shaped healing crystals and stones find and balance energetic blockages in the physical body. Providing a gentle energy, egg-shaped healing crystals and stones are often incorporated in healing of the divine feminine.

Geode - Spherical specimen hollowed to reveal many crystals pointing in various directions. Excellent for displaying in one’s residence, geodes release gentle energy and aid in protection; geodes encourage moderate and rational thinking.

Heart - Traditional heart shape. Crystals or healing stones cut into a traditional heart shape are ideal for working with the energy of love, relationships and matters relating to the heart chakra. Available in a variety of sizes, these pieces can assist with healing emotional blockages and can be carried in a pocket or placed in a crystal grid.

Layered - Sheets of crystal placed atop each previous piece, each distributing their own energy. Layered formations assist those seeking to uncover hidden information.

Pointed - Single pointed end able to direct energy quickly; pointed crystals include generators, crystal towers and wands. Crystal points are also used as generators to amplify surrounding crystals, especially when placed in a crystal grid. When using a pointed crystal wand, energy is rapidly transmitted from the specimen when pointed inward, towards one’s body; when directed away, the energy is drawn away.

Pyramid - A structure of four triangles on a square base which meet at a point. This sacred structure’s solid foundation comes to a peak, reaching towards the heavens, or higher knowingness. Placing an item inside a pyramid structure cleanses and purifies the item. Meditating inside a large copper pyramid assists one with healing and the reception of intuitive information; negative ions generated by pyramids are believed to balance the body’s electromagnetic fields.

Skull - Replication of a human cranium ideal for ancestral healing and amplification of healing of the physical body. Extra-terrestrial skulls are also utilized for communication and work with higher beings.

Spiral Crystal - A specimen which spirals up to a point, reminiscent of a unicorn’s horn. Energy is drawn down from the spiritual realm to the physical realm, assisting in the alleviating of blockages; aids in the clearing of negative energy and entities.

Square - Structure and balance resonate from this form; squares are also associated with the root chakra, the number four, the cardinal directions and the elements.

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