Everyday Selenite Uses

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal known named after the Greek word for “moon”. A favorite of energy workers and spiritual practitioners, Selenite’s cleansing abilities are useful in a variety of circumstances. Available in cubes, wands, spheres, plates, bowls and more, Selenite’s uses are only limited by one’s imagination; here are a few ways to incorporate selenite into your daily rituals and routines!

Cleanse Your Aura

Cleanse your aura with a piece of selenite to dispel any foreign energy accumulated throughout the day, or after performing a spiritual service. Activate your crystal specimen by giving it a squeeze or with your intention. After activating your crystal, notice the difference in energy as you sweep it over your head, over your shoulders, down the front of your body and over your feet; imagine you are combing your aura, removing any energy that does not belong to you. Sweep the piece of selenite over your sides, as well as the back of your head, down your spine and over your feet once more. Notice the difference in your energy and repeat until you feel complete.

Recharge Your Stones

Selenite is an excellent way to cleanse and charge your crystals and healing stones, as well as any spiritual tools you utilize, such as tarot cards or pendulums! Foreign energy is accumulated through use and can result in a murky or dull feeling. As some crystals and healing stones are water soluble, another method is necessary to cleanse and charge them. Place your healing crystal on a selenite charging plate, in a selenite bowl, or against a piece of selenite. A crystal or healing stone can use a refresh if they begin to feel heavy, energetically dull, or do not have the same effects when utilized; the same rule goes for tarot cards! Notice how your crystal, healing stone or tarot deck feels before charging to condition yourself to notice the contrast between being energetically fresh and needing clearing. Some individuals prefer to leave their items to cleanse longer than others; find your personal preference by experimenting with the charging of different crystals, healing stones and tools.

Enhance Your Meditations

This amazing crystal assists with connecting to higher realms of consciousness, including the Angelic realm. Enhance your meditation session by placing a piece of selenite near you. Activate your crystal and set the intention to receive guidance for your highest good and the highest good of others in present time. Listen and observe what images and sensations come to you! Connect further with the angelic realm by wearing selenite jewelry.

Encourage Growth

Selenite is also a wonderful crystal to place by plants. This high vibrational crystal adds to the energetic environment and aids in encouraging healthy plant growth. Take note of the state of your plants before placing the selenite specimen by them, as well as their growth rate and health after!

Remember that the key to utilizing metaphysical tools is your intention. If a new way of incorporating your selenite crystal into your daily practice comes to you, try it out! Expanding your higher consciousness is a gift to yourself and the universe.

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