Full Moon Glossary


Full moons have marked harvest time and celebration for 4.5 billion years. The ripeness of the full moon is associated with fertility, embodiment and sexuality; it is renowned for heightening intuition, emotions and psychic abilities.  Each month’s full moon name foretells of the natural world’s cycle, connecting all back to one another.


Full Wolf Moon, Full Greetings Moon

January’s full moon is named for the wolves heard during this time of year.


Full Snow Moon, Full Hungry Moon

February’s heavy snow garners the Full Snow Moon, while it’s sparse hunting conditions declare it the Full Hungry Moon.


Full Worm Moon, Eagle Moon, Sore Eye Moon, Sugar Moon, Strong Wind Moon

The weather’s increased warmth welcomes worms to the first stage of their life cycle, giving this month the title of Full Worm Moon.


Full Pink Moon, Budding Moon, Moon When the Geese Lays Eggs

The bright arrival of creeping phlox, also known as moss pink or ground phlox, inspires the name of April’s Full Pink Moon.


Full Flower Moon, Frog Moon, Planting Moon

The abundance of fragrant blossoms give May’s full moon the title of the Full Flower Moon.  This is also a time for gardeners to place plants they have been sprouting indoors, outside in the garden.


Full Strawberry Moon, Hoer Moon, Hot Moon

Strawberries are ready for harvesting with the arrival of June’s full moon!


Full Buck Moon, Raspberry Salmon

The Full Buck Moon alludes to the full growth of a male buck’s antlers.


Full Sturgeon Moon, Black Cherries, Frying Up Moon

Fishing season is in full swing with the arrival of August’s Full Sturgeon Moon; during this time, these large fish are in abundance.


Full Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, Yellow Leaf Moon

Corn is ready for harvesting with the arrival of this full moon in September!  If the Harvest Moon occurs in October, September’s Full Moon is the Corn Moon; the Harvest Moon is always the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox.


Full Hunter’s Moon, Full Falling Leaves Moon, Migrating Moon

October’s full moon marks a time to hunt and build up stores in preparation for winter.


Full Beaver Moon, Frost Moon

Beavers complete their winter preparations and retreat in November, inspiring the Full Beaver Moon’s name.


Full Cold Moon, Long Night Moon

December’s Full Cold Moon alludes to its brisk chill, while the name Long Night Moon warns of the longest nights of the year.

Full Moon

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