Full Moons of 2022

The full moon marks a time to release and rest.  During this time when the moon is completely illuminated, emotions are exacerbated and the subconscious is more in tune.  Living in in lunar time, or by the cycles of the moon, is helpful for those who wish to rely on another source in addition to the Gregorian calendar.  Each month’s full moon is unique and has its own name and connotations, helpful for farmers who wish to keep track of harvests.  Consider incorporating the full moon into your monthly schedule!

Full Moon in Cancer:  January 17th

January’s full moon is also known as the Full Wolf Moon or the Full Greetings Moon, due to the wolves which could be heard howling.  In the sign of Cancer, this full moon emphasizes caring for the hearth and home; this full moon may bring up exceptionally intense emotions.

Full Moon in Leo:  February 16th

February’s full moon is known as the Full Snow Moon or the Full Hungry Moon, due to the winter weather and sparse hunting conditions.  The full moon in the sign of Leo emphasizes following the path that brings you closer to authenticity and joy; Leo is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is in charge of willpower, confidence and vitality.

Full Moon in Virgo:  March 18th

March’s full moon is known as the Full Worm Moon, Eagle Moon, Sore Eye Moon, Sugar Moon and the Strong Wind Moon; this marks spring’s first breath.  In the sign of Virgo, March’s full moon emphasizes health, wellness and order; this is a great time to release habits which are hindering healthy living.

Full Moon in Libra:  April 16th

April’s Full Pink Moon is named for the pop of bright pink ground phlox, one of the first flowers of spring.  This full moon is also known as the Budding Full Moon or the Moon When Geese Lay Eggs.  Libra’s connection to beauty and balance set the tone for a night to reflect during self care rituals.

Full Moon in Scorpio:  May 16th

May’s full moon is known as the Full Flower Moon, Frog Moon and the Planting Moon; this is the time when gardeners can introduce their new sprouts into the garden.  Scorpio places an emphasis on transformation; where are you noticing an evolution in your life during this time?

Full Moon in Sagittarius:  June 14th

June’s Full Strawberry Moon signals a time when berry patches are ripe for picking.  This full moon is also known as the Hoer Moon and the Hot Moon.  Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, keeps the heat going, encouraging expansive thinking.

Full Moon in Capricorn:  July 13th

July’s full moon is known as the Full Buck Moon, as well as the Full Raspberry Salmon Moon after the flourishing wildlife.  The Full Buck Moon refers to the time of year when a male buck has reached his full growth.  Capricorn, a cardinal Earth sign, encourages materialistic growth and the mastering of the physical plane.

Full Moon in Aquarius:  August 12th

August’s full moon names include the Full Sturgeon Moon, the Full Black Cherries Moon and the Frying Up Moon; August suggests to come hungry to nature’s table.  Aquarius, the opposing sign to Leo, is associated with the unorthodox and unpredictable, encouraging Leo’s playful energies to take a walk on the weirder side.

Full Moon in Pisces:  September 10th

September’s full moon is known as the Full Harvest Moon, Corn Moon and Yellow Leaf Moon, heralding the arrival of fall foliage.  The moon in Pisces draws information out from the ether; this is a time to meditate and work with intuitive awareness and expansion.

Full Moon in Aries:  October 9th

October’s full moon is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, due to the moon’s ability to illuminate the sky, permitting late night hunting.  Other names for October’s full moon include the Full Falling Leaves Moon and the Migrating Moon.  Aries is a cardinal fire sign associated with the first chakra, or root chakra, which rules safety and stability.  Aries’ influence encourages the release of what is keeping you from feeling secure in your environment.

Full Moon in Taurus:  November 8th

November’s Full Beaver Moon marks the time of year when beavers are seen completing their winter preparations; this moon is also known as the Frost Moon, due to the cold weather.  Taurus emphasizes a steady approach and encourages one to find pleasure in their surroundings.

Full Moon in Gemini:  December 8th

December’s Full Cold Moon or Long Night Moon is the last of the year.  Gemini, a mutable air sign, encourages the sharing of information; communication is brought into the forefront during this time.

Full Moon

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